My Top 5 Most Terrifying Movies

I have always loved scary movies. In the spirit of the season I thought I would share the movies that terrified me the most. These are movies that have made me lose sleep, made me not like my bed, made me look at a breed of dog differently, made me think twice before playing with a Ouija board, and made me not like haunting piano music.


There is something about this horror b-movie that just stuck with me. I think it was the shadowy image of the crazed lunatic carrying an ax that did me in. I remember watching this as a preteen with my BFF at one of our countless sleepovers, and waking up in the middle of the night so terrified of the thought of that shadowy image. There is something truly unsettling about the crazy hair, overalls, and of course, the blood-stained ax.

Paranormal Activity

Sleep escaped me during the weeks following this movie. Most of this feature takes place in a bedroom, a place that is usually a safe haven.  However, this movie shows our vulnerabilities while we sleep. Even though it doesn’t retain a shred of truth, the story and the “home video” perspective painted a very believable picture. This movie succeeds without a big Hollywood budget or sophisticated effects. Plus, I credit this movie with my recently developed phobia toward attics.


Only horror master Stephen King can turn man’s best friend (could he have thought of a scarier name?) into a man-eating monster. I saw this at a young age and it took me a while to warm up to a St. Bernard again. The image that stayed with me the most is the foaming beast charging a parked the car containing a mother and her young son. Still brings me chills when I think about it! Note to self:  keep family dog’s rabies vaccine up to date.

The Exorcist

I think this is everyone’s top-rated terrifying movie. The fact that it is based on a true story makes it even scarier. Again, don’t mess with the occult. I love hearing the stories of people who went to the theaters to see it. My Aunt and Uncle apparently slept in the living room for about a week. Too scared to sleep in their bedrooms.  I have only watched it a few times, and every time I watch it again, I am still terrified.


This is the horror movie to which all others are compared. Very impressionable, as I saw it at a young age (not a good idea). It’s the first scary movie I remember watching.  The haunting score still leaves me unnerved (well, that and the white mask and enormous butcher knife). When that first note hits, you know you are in for something terrifying.  This is on my annual “must-see” list during Halloween season.

What some of your most terrifying movies? I hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo