Be Prepared

This past Thursday we had a pretty powerful storm that moved through our area.  Its strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, leaving us without power for 18 hours. We made the best of it. Luckily I had bought some Coleman lanterns. They really saved the night, along with the trusty crank weather radio.


We spent the night reading, playing monopoly and card games. The kids had fun. This event did make me aware on how unprepared we were if something bigger had occurred ( I wouldn’t last long in a zombie apocalypse). I always have emergency water (not enough to last longer than a couple of days), lanterns, flash lights and a weather radio, but that’s it. Luckily all of our electronics were charged, but I did have to go back to the car to recharge my phone. If we had gone more than 18 hours without electricity we would have been in trouble. This made my husband and I to go out and add more to our emergency box.

Here is a list we made: Emergency Kit List

There are also a lot of alerts you can set up on your phone to get you the latest weather alerts in your area. I know most local tv station apps have them. My favorite is the Red Cross Tornado app.  It’s free!  Hope you all don’t experience any bad weather this summer, but if you do it is better to be overly prepared than under.