Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken with South African Smoke Spice

I made this chicken for dinner last night. I had posted this recipe a few months ago, but this time I added the Trader Joe’s South African smoke spice. It added a nice twist to the original recipe.

Ingredients: 1lb 1/2 Chicken tenderloin, 2 lemons zest and juice, 10 garlic cloves peeled, 2 large springs of rosemary, 2 glugs of olive oil, 2 glugs of red wine vinegar, salt, South African smoke

1) chop garlic cloves and rosemary (I used my chopper or you can even use a food processor just make sure it is not mushy)

2) zest lemon and put with cloves and rosemary mixture

3) Put chicken in Pyrex dish coat with olive oil and vinegar. Add a few turns of the South African smoke and a few dashes of kosher salt. Add half of garlic, lemon peel and rosemary mixture and add juice of one lemon. Carefully coat all of chicken with it (yes hands will get messy). Now add the rest of garlic, lemon peel rosemary mixture, juice of second lemon.  Carefully coat one more time. Add anymore salt or South African smoke if you deem necessary.

4)  Refrigerate for 3-6 hours the longer the better. Heat grill on medium and cook for 3-4 min per sides (will vary on the size of the tenderloin)



I served  the chicken with a salad and cous cous. It was a nice window to summer cooking. The lemon and the South African smoke spice really went well together.

I wish you all a very happy first week of Spring. xoxo



The Easiest Pizza Crust

A few years ago we found a great pizza crust recipe, through my older son’s Tessy and Tab’s monthly readers. My husband and older son made it together the first time. It turned out to be easy and delicious. Since that fateful day, my husband has been designated pizza maker of the home.



Over the years he has experimented with this recipe and has created even yummier crusts. You can’t go wrong with this basic crust and you can make it as healthy as you want. We trade-off with wheat flour some times. Just depending how we feel. Click on the link below for the recipe.


The recipe calls for cutting the dough up into 4 parts, but we just do 2 parts. That makes 2 14 inch pizza’s. Sometimes he doubles the recipe so we can freeze the dough. Most recently he substituted half of the water with beer (so 3/4 of a cup) and instead of salt he added garlic salt. We normally use Trader Joe’s pizza sauce. We generally make one cheese and one pepperoni, but on some occasions like this past Friday we made a veggie pizza (we also made a cheese, since our boys won’t touch the veggie one)


What’s good about this recipe, is that your kids can help you make it. It is fun for the whole family.

Do you have a pizza recipe you turn to regularly?

Easy Appetizer

Now that the holidays are upon us I thought I would share more tips on how to make life easier during this time. I am all about a stress free December!  I thought I would start by sharing the quick and delicious appetizer I made for Thanksgiving. It is quick, easy, tasty and looks nice.

I bought Trader Joe’s rosemary raisin crisps, brie cheese and Trader Joe’s Chianti hard salami.  The rosemary raisin crisps go so well with the brie cheese. The sweetness of the raisin brings out more tasty yumminess of the cheese.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week and have a fantastic week! xoxo

Cilantro Lime Slow Cooked Pork

Now that the weather is getting cooler and the boys after schools activities are in full swing. I find that I use my crock pot a lot more. Usually I have the recipe’s all planned out, but the other day I just threw some stuff in the crock pot and it was pretty good.

This is what you will need:

 Pork loin (next though I will probably use a pork shoulder), 1 bottle of Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing,  2 cups of stock ( I used beef, but I think next time I will use chicken), 6 smashed garlic cloves, 1 small onion chopped in quarters, a handful of cilantro (with stems, I only used the previous 4 ingredients for flavoring), 1-2 limes, salt and pepper

Pour the stock and then place the garlic, cilantro and onion in the crock pot.

Place the seasoned (I just added salt and pepper, but you can really add whatever seasoning you think will go well. Next time I might add a little chili powder and cumin) pork in the crock pot. Pour the lime juice over it and then the dressing. I added a little water to the bottle and shook it up, so I can get all the dressing yumminess out of the bottle.  Stir it all together and season to taste.

I cooked it on low for almost 8 hours ( I was in and out most of the day). If you are going to be around the house you can cook it on high for half the time. I would check on it every now and then to gauge the time.  Once done, I shredded it with two forks. I put it in a serving dish and poured some of the juice left in the crock-pot over it. We ate it over white basmati rice, but it would make excellent tacos.

What are some of your favorite crock pot recipes? Do you have any other go to meals when you are on the go?



Trader Joe’s Cart and The Walking Dead (Spoilers)

Finally made it to Trader Joe’s yesterday. I hadn’t gone in over 4 weeks. This is what my cart looked like before check out.

I bought a lot of new items. Check back soon to the Trader Joe’s Finds page to see my reviews!


Wow! Last night episode did not disappoint! Like I mentioned before this show always leaves me with questions at the end of an episode. These were the ones I was left with last night. Maybe you all can help me.

1) How much time had passed? About 4-5 months maybe? Also, how much time has passed since the virus started spreading? About a year?

2) Are Lori and Rick on bad terms, because of her reaction to Shane’s death? Does Rick know all the things she had told Shane (last season) about taking charge and being a leader? Why is Carl mad at her?

3) In making the prison their home, did they not think of the possibility that there might be dangerous  human inmates still there?

4) Are Daryl and Carol starting a “thing”? I really don’t like the idea of that. I like them being more a mother/son relationship

5) Finally, what was the need for Rick cutting off  part of Herschel’s leg? SO the virus won’t spread?  If everyone is infected, does a bit cause immediate transformation to walker? Or does it happen only if the bite is fatal? Now I am all confused on the science of transforming to a zombie!

If you saw the show what did you think? I hope you all have a great week! xoxo

A Scary Story and A Smoothie

I love scary movies. I am talking about a good old fashion ghost story not the new gore movies we now qualify as a scary movie.  I totally believe that things happen sometimes that we can’t explain. If invited evil can lurk in the corners and there are certain things that should just be left a lone. I still get mad at little Reagan for playing with the ouija board.

In the August 3, 2012 issue of Entertainment Weekly, I found myself  fascinated by the “Little Box of Horrors” article by Clark Collis. Truthfully, instead of fascinated I should say extremely terrified. I had to put it down a few times because it freaked me out so much.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to the article, but I will share the basic premise. A man becomes in possession of a wine box that has now become to be known as the dibbuk box (yiddish for a restless spirit that finds refuge in another being). He acquired the box  and the contents inside 2 locks of hair, small granite statue with the word shalom in Hebrew engraved on it and a cast iron candle sticks in an estate sale of a Jewish woman who was a concentration camp survivor. In the sellers note it said that this woman acquired the box from Spain after she had escaped the camp. When the woman immigrated to the US she brought it along and claimed it housed a “dibbuk.” The family of the woman was very happy to be getting rid of the box. The dibbuk box exchanges many hands. Every owner of  the box has the same laundry list of things happen to them. Illness falls upon them, they start seeing shadows in their house, they all have the same recurring dream of a horrible decrepit hag and some have tragedy occur in their lives. The current owner had enough of what this box was doing to him, so he decided to dig a little deeper in the history of the box. He found the family of the original owner. Apparently the original owner had tried to trap a spirit to help the Jews fight against the Nazis, but instead of catching a good Nazi kicking-ass spirit she caught an evil spirit. The family believes that many of the disasters of the second half of the 20th century were the work of this evil spirit, because the original owner could not contain it until she imprisoned it in the wine box.

Having had enough with what the box was doing to him, the current owner performed a “cleansing ceremony” on it. He also placed the box in a container made of acacia wood and gold leaf. These are the same materials that make up the Ark of the Covenant. From then on the current owner’s health got better.  The box is currently housed in an unknown location.  The current owner has written a book about his whole experience. It is called The Dibbuk Box by Jason Haxton. Click here to buy it. I’m thinking I will be reading this in October.

The new Sam Raimi movie The Possession (being released on August 31, 2012). Is loosely based on the story of the dibbuk box. No need to yell at me I didn’t spoil anything. They made up a fictional story, the dibbuk box is the thing that is messed with that brings in an evil force to the lives of a family.

Sam Raimi was asked if anything weird happen on set (even though the real dibbuk box was offered for the shoot no one wanted to be the caretaker). Apparently, five days after wrap, the prop storage house burned down to the ground and the fire department could not find the cause. Are you freaked out yet?

What are some of your favorite scary stories or movies?

I made this chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie from the inspiration of my good friend’s daily breakfast. I call it the Auntie Kris.

1) Put about 6-8 of ice-cubes in blender 2) Put the banana in cut up in about 3-4 pieces 3) add scoop of chocolate protein powder 4) add a tablespoon of peanut butter 5) add a tablespoon of chia seeds 6) Finally, add a splash of water and blend

This is a great smoothie after or before a long rigorous workout. It is protein packed! If you drink it before make sure to drink a bit ahead of your workout. I drank it today 30 min before my back to back TRX and cross fit work out.

I hope you all have a great weekend xoxo!