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I had been intrigued by The Conjuring since I read an article about the movie and Lorraine Warren in Entertainment Weekly. In the article, Lorraine stresses that of all the cases she and her husband Ed investigated, this is one of the most terrifying for her. To me, that means a lot. She and her husband have seen thousands of cases over the years. If you do not know about Lorraine and Ed Warren, they are a paranormal investigators. Ed was a demonologist (he passed away in 2006 ) and Lorraine is a clairvoyant. If you had a haunting, they were the people to have come and investigate (I would call a priest first, but you know that is just me). They also have a famous occult museum. They have kept many items from their investigations and they figure the items are best under their care then out in the world.  Click here to take a tour of the museum.

The Conjuring is based on a true story. The Perron family moves into an idyllic farm-house in Rhode Island. Little did they know is that there was a very dark history that came along with their dream home. You all can figure out the rest.  The trailer freaked me out from the beginning and when I heard from people who said the scariest parts were not even in the trailer I for sure had to go and check it out. I love a good genuine scare.

So this past Tuesday I gathered two brave souls (thanks for coming with me Meagan and Jen) and we went to the 7:40 pm showing. I asked the teenager selling concession if he had seen it. He was like, “Yeah it’s really scary.” I was like, “Really? “He said, “Yeah REALLY SCARY!” So now I was scared. The three of us walked to the theater, which was relatively empty, but thankfully it filled up by show time. We were nervously eating our popcorn, and once the movie started we were all huddled up in little balls. I can say I watched half the movie through my fingers and I screamed about 5 times (I wasn’t the only one screaming). At one point I had Jen’s knee in a death grip. The movie moves at a fast pace. The acting is good and the writing and direction is great. It’s not just one scare, it is  like five at once, and then you move on to the next scare and get 5 more! It’s a roller coaster of scary. There is no gore. This movie is scary because it conjures up things that we are all scared of. It messes with our feelings and our senses.  I could go more in detail, but I don’t want to give anything away. I will say one thing: being a mother I can see how Lorraine Warren (who was a mom herself at the point of this haunting) believes this is one of the more disturbing case they investigated.

Bottom line, if you like a good scare, go see this movie (It is up there now  in my top 5 scariest movies). It’s just a straight up terrifying ghost story. This story will stick with you, so be ready to sleep with your rosary and/or Bible and the lights on. Also, if you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t check the time!

Trains and Carolina BBQ

This weekend we decided to venture out to the North Carolina Transportation Museum. It promised to be a day full of planes, trains, and automobiles. Our two boys have been quite the train enthusiasts. My oldest has mostly grown out of the phase, but my younger one is still mesmerized.Thomas the Tank Engine has long been the source of their obsession.  Who can deny the intrigue that the Island of Sodor and their very useful engines bring?  They have brought much happiness (and sometimes confusion and delay) to our household for number of years now. Our Thomas the Train wooden railway set and the many trains we have accumulated are the things toys we will keep long after they’ve grown. Maybe their kids can play with it when they come to visit us…  :).

This was a lovely museum. The entrance fee includes a 30 min train ride on an old fashioned diesel engine.

That day we saw classic car exhibits, the warehouse where they refurbish vehicles, the roundhouse, and the airplane exhibit boasting a Wright brothers’ plane replica. My little guy’s favorite exhibit was by far the roundhouse. I think they had about 8 trains on exhibit that day. They sat in their respective spots so majestically. It was hard not to be giddy. After we exploring the exhibits for over an hour, it was time for our train ride!

Our crew was very friendly and informative. Our conductor was especially nice. He told us how the particular car we were on was used in the movie Leatherheads. There is a slight chance I could have sat in Mr. George Clooney’s seat.  They shot the movie for 2 days on the museum grounds.  The train ride was 25 min. It was nice and scenic. We went through the grounds of the museum and they explained a little bit more of the history of the yards and buildings. It was interesting.

What are some of your favorite museums? Are there any that hold a special place in your heart from when you were a child?

After the museum we decided to get some BBQ for lunch. We were only about 20 minutes away from one of the best BBQ joints in the entire state. How could we ever pass that up?  I have to say Carolina BBQ is by far my favorite kind of BBQ, especially the chopped pork.   Lexington BBQ #1 in Lexington, North Carolina has been run by the same family for years. It is definitely a no frills place, but the staff couldn’t be any nicer, and their food speaks for itself.

As soon as you find a parking space (and the lot was really full) you are greeted by these lovelies and the wonderful smell of hickory and sweet slow-cooking pork.

For 2:30 pm it was busy. We had to wait in a line that was outside the doors. Luckily things moved like a well oiled machine. We were seated in about 10 minutes and eating in about 20 minutes.

I ordered the chopped pork sandwich. It is topped with this coleslaw that is heaven sent. It is vinegar based and it’s tangy and a little spicy at the same time. Such deliciousness!!!

I will be dreaming about this meal for a while. The baked beans were to share. They were also very tasty. I couldn’t finish all of that. This was a wonderful meal and I am so happy we were able to stop by on our way home.

What are some of your favorite BBQ joints?