My Favorite Things- Fall Edition

Happy Fall to everyone! This is my favorite time of year and I love that in my area the weather is getting a little cooler. Definitely helps to get into the mood of the season. I don’t know about everyone else, but fall also commences a busy time in our family. Always, seems our weekends are jammed packed with activities. With that said, I know I have neglected my blog a little bit so I decided to make a post that included a lot of things I have been wanting to write about.

12 ways to wear a scarf

In recent years I have embraced using scarves as an accessory. It really adds a pop to any outfit and also adds a finishing touch to a basic jeans and t-shirt ensemble. So if you don’t use scarves as an accessory I urge you to try it out. You can get fun scarves for under $10, just look at Old Navy or Target.


Yes, I know this ‘anthology’ is on its third season, but the first episode of The Coven saga has left me blind sided. First of all I don’t know how Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk come up with creepy amazing twisted tales time and time again. American Horror Story is scary story telling at its best. One thing that stands true from the past two seasons is that the show always has strong amazing characters. They have a habit of leaving a mark on our minds and striking a chord with our deepest darkest fears.  I also love that the actors come back to play different roles each season. For example, Jessica Lange has been a creepy intrusive next door neighbor, an unrelenting Mother Superior and asylum warden and currently Supreme Witch. The Coven also boasts an all star-cast, Kathy Bates, Angela Basset and Jessica Lange to just name a few. This season will take us through the lore of witchcraft and voodoo of New Orleans.  If you haven’t I suggest you tune in, just remember to keep the lights on while you watch.

BACK ROW: HAYLEY ORRANTIA, GEORGE SEGAL, TROY GENTILE; FRONT ROW: SEAN GIAMBRONE, JEFF GARLIN, WENDI MCLENDON-COVEY I don’t know if it is, because I grew up in the 1980’s, but I find this show hilarious. I have a been a long time fan of Jeff Garlin ever since his Curb Your Enthusiasm days. It also reminds me a lot of my husband’s family. Not that I know how their family life was in the 80s, but it is how I imagined it. My husband has also commented that, its like watching his childhood at times. I wonder if the whole 1980’s setting will get old, but we will wait and see. I have really enjoyed the first few episodes and hope to see more.

Movie_4127_706If you haven’t seen Rush yet, run to the movie theater as soon a possible. It is the best movie I have seen all year.  Rush (directed by Ron Howard) is based on the true life 1970s rivalry of Formula One drivers James Hunt and Nicky Lauda. The movie depicts this rivalry very well. Nicky Lauda is played by Daniel Bruhl. I feel that he gives an award-winning performance. James Hunt is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth not only is he so nice to look a  but, he brings the sexy effortless swagger that James embodied perfectly. The driving sequences are pretty intense and well done, but also the human aspect of the film is just as good. Even if you don’t like car racing you will like this film. There is suspense, romance, action and some laughs. It has it all, go see it.


Lastly, but certainly not least I want to give a shout out to my in-laws John and Joella on their 50th wedding anniversary! We had the pleasure of celebrating this momentous milestone with them and all our family this past weekend. It was really nice to see everyone and especially to have our kiddos hang out with their cousins for a weekend. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

I hope you all have a good rest of the week and remember even if life gets a little hectic, take the time to enjoy the present!

My Oscar Recap


The Show

What did you think of the big night? Even though the reviews were mixed, I really enjoyed the 85th Oscars. Whether you deemed him appropriate or not I loved Seth MacFarlane and thought he did a good job. The opening monologue is one of the funniest I  have seen in years. Click here to watch it yourself.  I think Seth MacFarlane gave it his all and I was happy with the result. He had some good one lines throughout the show. Some might disagree, but I thought the Lincoln joke was funny and he recovered well, while it was not well received from the audience.  Like I said to many people, you have to like his stuff to really “get” him. To be honest I don’t think many people “get” smart comedy anymore.  He also wasn’t the cookie cutter host, which I appreciated. His song at the end of the telecast with Kristin Chenoweth was genius. Click here to see it.  There was one thing I was disappointed with and that was the tribute to Bond. I was under the impression that there was going to be a Bond reunion of sorts? Was I mistaken?  I did enjoy the musical numbers throughout the show. Click here to see my favorite.

Did you enjoy the show last night?  Do you think Seth MacFarlane did a good job?

The Winners

I was beyond elated that Argo won Best Picture! Like I have said in a previous post, it really is a superb film and I glad it has gotten so many accolades this awards season.  Ben Affleck is so humble when he accepts his awards. I just love it.

The only surprise wins for me were Ang Lee for Best Director and Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor. I am really glad Ang Lee won. I haven’t had a chance to watch Life of Pi, but I hear it was an epic film. I am actually not that surprised Christoph Waltz won, but I thought Robert DeNiro was going to get the win. I think he and Tommy Lee Jones might have split the vote.  As the rest of the main categories go, I was satisfied with who the Academy picked.  I really do need to see Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi and Django in Chains as soon as they are available for home viewing. Click here to see a full list of last night’s winners.

Did your top choices win last night?

The Red Carpet

Let me just start this off by saying I was super disappointed in the red carpet last night. I really find it annoying that during the last 60 min of coverage, they cut off E! from having a red carpet interviews.  Instead, you are left to listening all the hosts talk about the looks or going over to the ABC red carpet coverage, which I am sorry to say was just sad. I  normally don’t like to write negative things on this blog, but that coverage was awkward and boring.

The fashion trend for last night was metallic, sparkles and light colors. Again, I don’t want to be negative, but I was disappointed in the fashions. It’s the biggest night of the year in Hollywood and I really think the stylists and stars could have done better. There were few jaw dropping styles.  I can say that for me there were definitely more misses than hits. Here are the looks I enjoyed.


(pic source)

I just love Jennifer Garner and I thought this Gucci gown looked lovely on her. The color looked great on her and the back is what makes this dress so great. Well done!


(pic source)

Jennifer Hudson looked amazing in this Roberto Cavalli gown. I love the blue. It looks great on her. I also liked her hair and jewelry. I think she could haven’t gotten away with a little more color on her lips though.


(pic source)

This Dior gown was meant to go to the Oscars. I am not going to lie it’s not may favorite look on Jennifer Lawrence ( maybe I would love it more if it was in a different color), but it is Oscar worthy and it did look great on the stage.


(pic source)

Jessica Chastain was by far my favorite head-to-toe look of the evening. The Armani Prive gown she chose was made for her. It looked so lovely against her hair color. She looked amazing last night!


(pic source)

This was a risky dress, but it is flawless on Naomi Watts. She looks so sophisticated and modern in this Armani Prive gown. Well, done!

What did you all think of the red carpet? What were your favorite looks?

One Happy Mailbox


One of the many great gifts I got for my birthday this year was a 4 month subscription to Birchbox (thank you Kris!). I have always been curious to check it out, but I never got around to it. If you are not aware of what Birchbox is, it is a box of happiness that shows up in your mailbox once of month. It is full of 5 sample sized higher end beauty products. Once you join you go to the Birchbox website and set up a profile. That way they will send you products that match your skin type, hair, interests, etc.  The samples are a generous size. I have gotten a liquid eyeliner pencil, that will last me a while. A shampoo that has lasted me 4 hair washes so far and hair serum that will last at least a month. In each box you get a card that says what products are in your box, a brief description of each and the price of the full size. What is also great, is that if you don’t want to use them right away you can save them for when you travel. That way you don’t have to deprive yourself of decent products when you are away from home.

The Birch Box web site is fabulous. Not only can you buy all the full size products on their site, but there is also how to tutorial videos and a monthly magazine with articles about fashion and beauty. Click here to check it out.

Stay tuned for my reviews in my beauty section of products I decide to add to my daily beauty routine.

SAGS Recap

The Winners

We had fun again last night, watching the SAGS red carpet and awards show with all my Face Book awards junkies. I personally thought the telecast was a little dull. Argo’s win for best ensemble was the highlight of the night for me. I think Argo is now the front-runner to win Best Picture at the Oscars. I loved how surprised and humble Ben Affleck was in the acceptance speech.

After last night’s win Daniel Day-Lewis and Anne Hathaway should start working on their Oscar acceptance speeches. The rest of the acting categories, I believe are still up in the air as to who is going to come home with the Oscar. Who will win Best Supporting Male and Best Actress in February? Will it be Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) or Alan Arkin (Argo)? Will is be Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) or Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)?

What are your predictions for Oscar winner this year? What Oscar nominated movies have you had a chance to see?

The TV portion had a few surprises. For once this awards season, we did not see a Homeland sweep in all the categories. It was really nice to see Downton Abbey win for Best Drama ensemble. I am glad they recognized out going shows like Breaking Bad and 30 Rock with acting awards for Bryan Cranston, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

Were you surprised by some of the winner in the TV portion of the awards?

For a more detailed recap of last night’s show click here for this great Los Angeles Times article.

Red Carpet

I always like the SAG red carpet a little more than other awards show, because I feel that since it’s not as “fussy” of an awards show, the actors can have more fun with their outfits. I thought the fashion was really eclectic this year. Even though, black and blue ruled we did see some pastels, prints and glittery metallic. Another trend on the red carpet was the side swept  Veronica Lake”esque” hair. I did enjoy a lot of the looks but, these three were my best dressed of the night.

helen hunt(pic source)

Helen Hunt just dazzled in this platinum beaded mermaid  gown by Romona Keveza. She kept her make up natural, which was perfect with such an elaborate gown. I only wish she had put a little bit more color on her cheeks. I just adored the sexy beachy waves in her hair.


(pic source)

Jennifer Lawrence was a knock out in this Christian Dior Haute Couture blue gown. She wore this dress very well. She knows what looks get on her body and I love that. It’s nice to see that, because there were so many ill-fitting gowns last night. The rest of the styling was perfect, the red lips and side swept hair is perfection.


(pic source)

Marion Cotillard makes it look so effortless. Considering she was feeling under the weather. She still looked beautiful. When I first saw this gown, I didn’t love it. I loved her hair, makeup and simple jewelry, so that is why I gave it a second look today. After looking at the pictures, I changed my mind. I really love this Dior Haute Couture gown. I love the contrast of the white and blue. The skirt is beautiful. I like the shorter length in the front. I am really glad I gave this dress a second chance.

Click here to see all the red carpet looks from last night.

Who was your Best Dressed last night?

Day 3: Baby, Please Come Home

For those waiting for love ones to arrive!

An extra clip and songs for all U2 fans out there. If you scroll to minute 5, you can see the fabulous Do They Know It’s Christmas video. It has such a great showcase of the 80s fashion and all the magnificent coif’s of that time.


Emmy Recap

The Show

We had a blast watching the red carpet and show Sunday night with our Facebook friends! Having virtual viewing parties are so much fun. Even if the show was slightly on the boring side we always find things to banter about.  Once we got the boys settled for the night. We sat down in front of the TV and ate some good food from Fresh Market and drank yummy Ecco Domani prosecco which I highly recommend.  Here are some pictures of our Emmy spread and nominations predictions.

Homeland, like I predicted in an earlier post was the dark horse last night. Even though I adore Mad Men (and hope Jon Hamm finally gets the Emmy next year) I was happy to see them take home some big awards last night. If you haven’t seen Homeland I urge you to run and get the DVDs or see if you can catch up on ON DEMAND if you have Showtime.  Modern Family was a big winner last night, which wasn’t a big surprise. I was really glad Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Her acceptance speech was one of the most entertaining moments of the night.

Veep is one of the best shows on TV. I am glad they gave it some recognition. I was surprised American Horror Story didn’t win more. I will be curious to see if they place it in the mini series category again next year.  For a list of all the winners click here.

What did you like about the show last night? Did your favorites take home gold?

The Fashion

I can go on an on about the dresses so I will just pick my favorites and my least favorites.

My favorites were ( pictures take from…..

This was my favorite dress of the night. It was by Antonio Berardi. It was so different from the other dresses. I loved the blue sequins and it just looks great on Nicole. I love the blue shoes!

I loved the Chartreuse dresses last night. This Lavin dress one was my favorite.  Claire Danes looks great! Her stylist gets so much props from me for finding such a nice and comfortable looking dress to fit her growing belly.

There were a lot of red/burgundy dresses last night.  My favorite was Kat Dennings’ J. Mendel (who was popular on the red carpet) gown. She looked absolutely fabulous. I just love this dress on her. I also love the red lips!

I know this one was my husband’s favorite last night… giggle giggle! I wasn’t sure about this dress at first. Of course the Zuhair Murad frock fits her like a glove and she looks like a sexy siren, but it was the back that sold it to me. I love that the sexiest woman on the red carpet is 40 years old! I love how Sofia knows what looks good on her. She always has great red carpet moments!

At first I was not sure if I liked this dress by Monique Lhuillier or not. But the more I saw her in it, the more it grew on me. I don’t think anybody could pull this off. It looks great on Ginnifer. If the dress was another color I don’t think I would have liked it at all.

My least favorites were (I am not going to write my thoughts, because I try to not be negative on this blog)……

Which dresses did you die for? Which dresses made you frown?

Hope you all have a great week! xoxo

Getting Ready for Emmy Night


I am getting excited for TV’s biggest night!  Once again, I will be watching with my husband and my favorite Facebook friends. I feel like the MTV Video Music awards were a bust this year, hoping the Emmys  are a little bit more exciting.

I am hoping for big wins for Homeland, Mad Men, American Horror Story and Veep. All the major categories are so stacked with talent; it is so hard to know who is going to win for sure. To view a list of the nominees click here.

Here is an article from the Washington Post about their predictions. What are some of your predictions?

Let’s not forget the fashion! I have cleared my schedule to start watching the red carpet coverage as soon as it starts. I usually flip back and forth between E! and the network coverage. Can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing. Here is a list of best dressed predictions. Who are you excited to see on the red carpet tomorrow?

The Hollywood Reporter has great pre Emmy coverage. Click here to check it out!

Everyone have a great weekend and don’t forget to tune in to ABC at 7pmE/4pmP