Pete the Cat the Grooviest Feline Around

For our 10 year wedding anniversary a couple years ago, my husband and I took a kid free trip to New Orleans.  We stayed in the French Quarter near Jackson Square. On our walk to and from our hotel we would pass by the Robin’s Gallery in the window they had these vibrant colorful paintings of a blue cat. They also had some really cool looking kids books about this so-called Pete the Cat.

Unfortunately, the day we set aside to pop in and look around and buy a kids book for our youngest son, they were closed. When we came home I frantically searched the internet to find out more about this feline named Pete.

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An artist named James Dean saved a black cat from the shelter. He named him Pete. He would sit on his lap while he painted. He sometimes drank James’ coffee when he wasn’t looking.  His first sketch of Pete was him drinking coffee. He decided to paint him blue, because he thought black was bad luck. If you click here you can explore all the Pete the Cat art. We have two Pete print’s in our home. My favorite are Pete with the masters series.

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(pic source)

We really got to know Pete through his children’s books. James Dean collaborated with writer Eric Litwin and the Pete the Cat books were born. My little guy just loves Pete the Cat. He has all 3 books mesmerized. What is great is that they are so interactive,colorful and fun. Pete also has such a great out look on life. Whatever happens to him he just, “Keeps walking along singing his song, because it is all good!” The books are geared toward more of the younger ages I would say 2-6. Click here to get a copy of your own. Now that school is coming back in session I highly recommend this one.


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Here are some fun sing along Pete songs that you can jam around the house with your kids or even by yourself I won’t judge. I hope you all enjoy  your Wednesday! xoxo

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Don’t get me wrong I love my boys with all my being. Is it wrong that I can relate to this Staples commercial?

We have had a great summer. We took a week-long beach vacation, went to the pool, went to great day camps and took little day trips here and there. Older son went to doting grandparents for 10 days. Younger son got to be an only child for 10 days. They can’t complain that we didn’t have a good summer. I will not miss keeping up with the appetite of 2 growing boys all day long.

Wishing you all a great 2012-2013 school year!!! xoxo

My Favorite Back To School Items Revisited

I posted this post about a year ago detailing my favorite back to school items. I thought I would revisit it, since it is that time again. All the items below are still my go to items. I have included links that take you straight to the store. They are a year old, so I hope they still do.

On a personal note my youngest is going to Kindergarten. I couldn’t be happier with the school he is going to. My oldest (who is going to be 5th and the big kids at the school) has been there since 2nd grade and I am in LOVE with their school. LOVE YOU PINEHURST ELEMENTARY! Regardless of that I feel like I am going to have a breakdown on my youngest first day.  I never had this feeling with my oldest. The crazy neurotic side of me worries that maybe it’s because secretly I love my youngest more, but I know it’s not that. My oldest has always been so independent and very self-confident. A born leader, he is at his element in school.  My youngest has always liked mom around a little more. Always sneaks in for an extra kiss or extra hug when he gets the chance. He is such a sweet boy (not that my oldest isn’t, he is sweet too. Man I am digging myself in a hole!), his confidence and independence shines through differently than it does for my oldest. I think sending the youngest is so much harder, because you know there  won’t be anymore first day’s to Kindergarten. Even though my youngest has been to 3 years of full day preschool there is something about the first day of Kindergarten that is so symbolic. It’s such a big step, I think more for me than for him. SO if you hear some crazy sobs next Monday morning,  they are coming from North Carolina and it’s a mom that is excited for the big world that lies ahead for her sweet, funny and smart 5-year-old, but sad that time goes by so fast (and yes tears are running down my face right now).

I got this pack of labels for both boys about 3 years ago. Yes, the $40 price tag (per pack)was hard to swallow, but I figured they would last for a long time.  We have labeled items for the past 3 years and still have a good amount left. The best thing is that once they are on an item it stays on. I have put it on clothing and it has survived washes (even a bathing suit and it’s still on there).  You can customize the color, the font, and logo (they have professional sports teams, Disney and Marvel options).

My older son used the blue camo lunch box for 3 years. It held up really well and it was very roomy. Now that he is going to 4th grade he has asked for a regular lunch sack. Will let you all know how it holds up. UPDATE: It held up fine until he lost it this summer at camp! And I just bought the above lunch box for my youngest.

My younger son is in preschool (he just missed the age cut and is going to his 3rd year of preschool) and has been using the red lunch box for 2 years now. This type of lunch box is perfect for the preschool years. The size is just right. He did ask me for a new one this year. I told him his lunch box had another year in it.

I ADORE (yes, I can adore plastic containers) these food storage containers. Again, I have had them for about 3 years. They have held up well and are a nice alternative to using sandwich bags (It’s a good thing to be nicer to Mother Earth). I am able to fit the sandwich size one and an additional one or two of the smaller ones in the lunch boxes that I posted above. Since my older son is using a sack this year, I decided to buy the reusable lunch skins. I will let you all know how those hold up too.

You can NEVER go wrong with a LL Bean backpack. This has been my older son’s backpack for 2 years now (his Godmother and my BFF gave it to him as a gift) and it has MANY MANY MANY more years of use ahead of it. It’s not only his school backpack, but also his travel companion. It has gone on every trip we have taken in those 2 years. I am glad he decided on black, because it still looks relatively new! UPDATE: My youngest is now a proud owner of a dark blue one with his name monogrammed in the athletic style.

I got my younger son the above backpack last year. The only difference is that his has dinosaurs on it. It is right for his age right now and for what goes back and forth from school. Once he goes to the “big school”. We will probably buy him a LL Bean backpack as well.

I could not survive the school year without the two bulletin boards we have in our kitchen hallway. I have one for each of my boys. I put everything relevant to their school and current activities on there. Right now they only have camp information, but during the school year they are covered with calendars, game schedules, permission slips, art work and accomplishments. I also have the family dry erase calendar next to them. It is the one stop shop of where we can see what is going on.

What are your favorite back to school items? Are there any that you couldn’t survive without?