Clean Training: Final Thoughts

Well, we are near the end. Here are the good points up front:

– 13 pounds lost

– Improved run times (more on that in a minute)

– Sustained energy during the day

What I miss:

– Coffee

Really, that’s it. I mean, I will likely still enjoy other non-detox stuff in the future, but coffee was the only thing I genuinely missed. I suppose it comes with the territory of working with the government. Coffee will be the first thing I “re-introduce.”

Other points:

– Run time. As mentioned before, I am training for two long distance races later this spring. At first, I felt a bit empty over longer training runs. Cold weather in the morning did not help. However, this week, I noticed my 5-mile run time was faster, and I also finished an 18-mile and an 16-mile training run. I would usually have gluten-free oats the night prior my “fuel.” I did not feel weighed down.

– Energy. One night last week, we had to work late to complete a short-suspense project. In days past, I would likely reach for a coffee, or something out of the vending machine to sustain me. I can say that we completed our project, and I did not feel the need to reach for anything. I’d say that’s a good sign.

– What’s next? After re-introduction, I will likely go on an 80-20 diet (80% detox food), especially during my training period. There is a noticeable benefit in eating food void of chemicals. I’ve never been one to aggressively advocate for purely “organic” fare, but I can say that clean food is good in the long run.

Lastly, thanks to my lovely wife for her support, and to Meredith M. for her good cheers.


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