Arbonne 28 Detox Part Deux: Back to the Norm


I am so sorry I didn’t post last week. My iphoto is being wonky on my computer and I am unable to post any pictures. I did have before and after pictures to post but it wouldn’t let me.  My first week back to non detox life has been good. Aside from bringing back in all fruit, pork, corn and alcohol on the weekend I have been eating detox friendly food. Which is great, because the entire purpose of the 28 day detox is to make life changes.  I look at this all like a journey, not a program or a diet.  This is a journey to a better me.  I honestly feel so great! I am sleeping better, I am in a better mood and my body over all is just working better.

Since beginning this journey (April) I have lost 13 pounds and have lost 3 inches around my middle. This isn’t a get skinny quick journey. I am all about maintaining the weight loss. The best line from the 28 day detox presentation is the following, “The common ideology is you need to lose weight to get healthy, when the reality is that you have to get healthy to lose the weight.”  I am going to continue on this journey and hope to stay strong during the holiday’s. The beauty is that once you know which foods don’t make you feel good or you have an adverse reaction to, you are going to stay away from them. Like GI Joe said, “Knowing is half the battle!”

Thank you to everyone that has followed me and supported me on this journey thus far. This journey is not over it is just the beginning.



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