Arbonne Detox Part Deux: Day 15

Yeah I am half way done and it is also the start of cleanse week….mmmmmmm. Here is a little info on our 7 day cleanse.


Regular cleansing is an important part of ongoing health and wellness. Take 7-Day Body Cleanse for seven days, once a month, to deliver ingredients that help support cleansing and gentle toxin elimination from the body.◊ Targeted botanicals support liver health, a key organ of detoxification and for removal of metabolic waste. Additionally, supporting the liver may also help support the production of the endogenous (internally made) antioxidant, glutathione. A fruit-based blend also delivers antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage in the body.

We do this in the 3rd week of the detox. By this time your body should be pretty clean, so the whole cleansing element of it all isn’t that dramatic. We suggest you drink it cold over the span of 4-8 hours. You pour the contents of the packet in a 32 ounce bottle with cold water. It tasted like diluted sour apple ice tea. Now that more acidic your body is the worse it going to taste. We also don’t take the probiotic this week, because it will kinda go to waste and this cleanse will help with everything regarding your gut.


• Supports toxin elimination • Supports liver health and internal antioxidant activity• Antioxidant blend fights oxidation • Supports gastrointestinal health • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners • Fructose- and corn syrup-free; sweetened with natural agave nectar and stevia

Key Ingredients

Milk Thistle

• Helps support the liver• Is a hepatoprotectant, which also helps support liver glutathione to help fight free radicals generated through normal biological processes.

Antioxidant Blend

• Free radicals can cause oxidation in the body; antioxidants help stabilize free radicals to counter damaging effects. • Contains superfood fruit powders from elderberry, chokeberry, hibiscus, blackcurrant, cherry, carrot and apple. • Superfoods contain antioxidants like anthocyanins, carotenoids and polyphenols.

Day 15

I started out my day with a berry shake and I just realized I forgot my detox tea oops. I started pushing the water early this morning. I decided to drink the cleanse after my run. I ran 3 miles and it felt amazing! Can’t wait to see how my run feels on Wednesday. I came home and started drinking the cleanse I had 4 ounces of it. I then went to run a few errands, when I got back I snacked on a couple of slices of roast beef and I had a macaroon chocolate shake for lunch. I added more ice than usual and it became the consistency of a frosty oh dear Lord it was delicious!  When I came back from a meeting and picking up my youngest from school I started prepping dinner and I snacked on some of the filling of the stuffed peppers.


The stuffed peppers were really good. You roast the peppers for 20 min in over at 400 degrees, you take them out and stuff them (browned ground turkey, cooked brown rice, sautéed zucchini, onions, you can add black beans  and salsa but I omitted them.) You then put them back in oven at 350 for 15 min. You can top with diya “cheese” or not. I chose not to, instead I topped them with pico. For my family I added mozzarella cheese on top.  This was good and easy to make before hand. I am going to put this in my dinner rotation. I am now going to enjoy my detox tea and watch some of the new TV shows. Have a good night!


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