Arbonne Detox Part Deux: Day 10

Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a great Wednesday. Aside from being at the dentist for a crown replacement this morning my Wednesday was pretty good. In the morning I missed my detox tea, but I had my berry shake with probiotic and fiber. I was at the dentist until about 10:30am so I had 2 fit chews around 11:00am. For lunch I had leftovers from last night. In the mid afternoon I made an iced detox tea with fizz stick and later in the afternoon I had trail mix. For dinner I made a veggie egg scramble with apple gate turkey sausage on the side.


I am going to have a few fit chews and then enjoy my tea. I haven’t worked out for two days. Tomorrow I am going to run 2 miles and then strength train we will see how I feel. I had to give my it band a rest. Tomorrow is also my baby’s 7th birthday. I will have to resist the cupcakes and pizza!! I am going to be strong, I have 10 days under my belt! If I don’t post tomorrow, know that I will do a double one on Friday! Good night!


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