Arbonne Detox Part Deux: Day 6 & 7

Today I am going to highlight the fit chews. Let me tell you, they save me for when I am craving something bad. They give you enough sweet to ease the beast and to move on!  Even when I am not detoxing they are a life saver and they have curbed my night time eating. I rarely ever eat anything besides a couple chews or rice cakes in the evening. They really have helped me reduce on the empty and stress calories.


When hunger strikes between meals, Fit Chews are a perfect, guilt-free supplement to help satisfy cravings and deliver a quick pick-me-up. They’re also a great way to support a weight-management regimen. Additionally,the tasty bites contain a unique,botanically based,herbal adaptogen blend to help support good health and do not contain any artificial ingredients.


• Designed to provide a quick pick-me-up • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners •No high-fructose corn syrup • Do not contain soy or dairy

Key Ingredients

Arbonne Adaptogen Blend (Codonopsis, Astragalus, Rhodiola):

• Helps control appetite • Helps increase energy • Adaptogenic herbs have been used for hundreds of years in Asia and India. • Adaptogenic herbs can help support health and Gluten-free.

Day 6

This morning I had a berry shake (fiber, almond butter, once scoop vanilla one scoop chocolate, frozen berries and probiotic). I didn’t have my detox tea until later in the morning because I had to take my youngest to golf and we were running late. I ran for 2 miles while my youngest was at golf. It felt better than the last time I ran but it was still a hilly area and very humid. When we got home I had a recovery shake with half a banana I added ice. Don’t know why I haven’t done that before but it was deliciousness! Since we were going to a birthday part at 2pm, I had a black rice tortilla and hummus. At the party I was good. I only had pico de gallo, sweet potato chips and berries. I had water and a glass of kombucha. In the evening my hubby grilled steaks and we had it with sweet potato fries and peas.  In the evening I had a couple chews and detox tea.

Day 7

This morning we had to get out the door to Church. I made my shake to go and also a iced detox tea fizz stick. Our Church sells delicious authentic mexican food every week, so  after Mass and Sunday School ( I teach the k-1 grades) I had a chicken taco (no tortilla) with cabbage, cilantro, chopped onions and salsa verde with some lime. It was really good! Since I had that at around 11:00 am I had a shake around 1:30pm for lunch. In the afternoon I had an Arbonne workshop and my host thankfully had a big plate of fruit. I pretty much ate all the berries. This evening I had leftover steak (it will be my red meat for the week) pico de gallo and a black rice tortilla. I am now going to enjoy my detox tea and probably have a fit chew.

Surviving the first weekend of the 28 day detox is a big accomplishment. Once you have the first weekend under your belt the rest is smooth sailing (for the most part)! Now on to week 2!



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