Arbonne Detox Part Deux: Day 3

So sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was quite a busy day and I had a Girls Wine Night (gasp! Did I cheat?!) in the evening so I didn’t get home until later. I will talk about that later, but now I want to highlight our Daily Fiber Boost.


Did you know that the average person needs 25-30 grams of fiber a day? Most people only get 4! If you changed nothing else about your diet, but got the daily recommended amount, you would lose 9.5lbs in one year! Fiber is a sponge for toxins and it helps you feel fuller longer and keeps your blood sugar balanced.

Daily Fiber Boost provides a convenient way to get 12 grams of fiber, nearly half the daily requirement, with each serving. This heat-resistant blend of gluten-free grain and fruit fibers can be added to hot or cold foods, drinks and even baked goods to help support gastrointestinal health and satiety.

Key Ingredient

Arbonne Fiber Source Blend

Comes from a blend of fiber from gluten-free grain, pea,citrus, apple, orange, beet and inulin

Does not interfere with sensory properties of foods to which it is added


Contains soluble fiber to support intestinal health and regularity


• Excellent source of fiber; one scoop delivers nearly half the recommended daily value

• Helps you feel satiated

• Fiber helps support a healthy gastrointestinal system

• Gluten-free grain and vegan fiber source

• No cholesterol, saturated or trans fat

• Kosher-certified

I add the Fiber Boost in my shake in the morning, but you can add it to about anything, because it is tasteless and odorless.

Day 3

I woke up with a lot of energy today, before 9:00am I had gotten about 3 tasks crossed off my to do list and in my energy filled glee I added about 3 more tasks to the list because I felt unstoppable. When I woke up I  had my detox tea, probiotic, and berry shake (organic frozen berries, 1 scoop chocolate and 1 scoop vanilla protein, 1tbl of almond butter, 1 scoop of fiber boost). I went to the gym at about 9:15am, I put a fizz stick in my water to get through the HITT class and Glutes and Abs class I was going too. After the gym I went and ran an errand and then came home and made lunch which was an egg scramble with Tuscan kale, tomatoes, jalapeno, green onions and mushrooms. I probably should have had a snack before I went to the gym, because I went too long without a snack between my shake and lunch.


About 90 min after lunch I made a quick shake (2 scoops chocolate protein, 9 ounces coconut milk). I had a take along pouch of trail mix (nuts and cranberries) at around 4pm. For dinner I made this yummy chicken fajita bake with brown rice, pico de gallo and guacamole. It was really good and everyone in the family enjoyed it. It makes enough for leftovers. I think that is what I am going to have today (Day 4) for lunch and dinner!



After dinner I went to a girls wine night at my friends Kate’s house. Thankfully about half of us in attendance were also detoxing this month, so there was a lot of detox friendly food and sparkling water. I did break the not eat after 7pm rule, but I didn’t over eat. I did have these fabulous detox friendly almond cookies made by my friend Meagan. They were amazing!! She found the recipe here. I got home a little later than I wanted so I didn’t have time to get my detox tea.

One thing I have noticed that is different from last time, is that I have way more energy this first week. I have been able to exercise normally this week and I am not completely crushed in the afternoon. SO far so good on to day 5!




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