Arbonne Detox Final Days

We were gone Memorial weekend came back Monday afternoon and I have been playing catch up all week. I apologize for not posting earlier. We went to the beach this weekend, to a resort that provided our meals. I was a bit hesitant about that, because I still had to introduce dairy and gluten back in. I knew I had to be flexible so I brought my protein powder and coconut almond milk. I also brought along digestion plus probiotic,  fit chews, fit fiber, energy fizz sticks and detox tea.  Breakfast was the easiest meal to eat because they had oatmeal, fruit and eggs. Lunch was a bit harder because it was usually a gluten based food. One day during lunch I had a shake. It worked out, because we didn’t want to leave the beach, clean up and go out to eat. On two different occasion for dinner we ate out. One time at a mexican place and another time at a hibachi grill. Which was ok for me, I stayed to what I thought was detox friendly, but both times I felt a little ick afterwards. I did have alcohol for the first time since finishing the detox and that went well. I was definitely not trying to over do it.

I finally introduced gluten back in the other day and I have to tell you it went ok, but I really don’t miss it.  This detox was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am a much happier and healthier person for changing my eating habits. It is still not over. I actually lost another pound this week and this is with not exercising and having the weekend. It’s amazing what your body can do when it is clean of toxins.

Thank you for following me on my journey and I have hoped I have inspired some of you to take a look at some of your eating habits. This will always be a journey, I am not perfect, but I am glad I found something to get me out of an unhealthy eating rut I was in.

I will be back with my normal postings of the fantastic things that make an ordinary life extraordinary! Enjoy the last days of May!



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