Arbonne Detox: Reintegration Week Day 2

Here are my before and after pictures I promised. I guess the most prominent difference is my mid section shrank. No more wheat belly! Well, less for sure. I am a work in progress. If I keep losing I will post more pictures in another month.

Today I had my shake with half a banana in the morning. I also had my probiotic. For a mid morning snack I had some gluten-free crackers and a couple of fit chews. I was out and about most of  the morning, that was a good snack to throw in my purse. For lunch I had my first sandwich since before the detox. I used gluten-free bread and had it with cilantro banana peppers and some home-made humus ( I don’t think I can do the grocery bought one anyone. I think that is what made me feel icky yesterday). In the mid afternoon I had an energy fizz stick and some almonds and another fit chews. I was on the go again. For dinner I hazard some of the Trader Joe’s Asian Frozen food with brown rice. I had some Buddha’s delight veggies and teriyaki chicken. I had a detox size portion. So far so good no side effects. When I am done typing I am going to enjoy a detox tea.


After Front


Before Side


After Side


Before Front



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