Arbonne Detox: Day 26

I can see the finish line, just have to keep my eyes on the prize. The prize being the fact that I didn’t cheat for 28 days and I became mentally stronger when it came to food. I am already feeling the reward and that is way I am feeling and all the positive effects eating cleanly has had on many aspects of my life. Here are a few a few I am experiencing: I have so much more energy and alertness, I am sleeping better, my eczema is clearing up, my mood is so much better and I am less wound up in certain situations.  I have had many people compliment me on the glow my skin is radiating. If you have ever thought of detoxing I am telling you right now you should take the plunge and do it. You have nothing to lose but there is so much to gain. The knowledge I have gained on this journey is priceless! I encourage all of you to educate yourself on what you are fueling your machine with. Your machine being your body.  Ok, let me step off my soap box and tell you about day 26.

Happy Friday, I woke up and did my morning detox routine of probiotic, shake with fiber and detox tea. My hubby took the boys to school so I was able to actually enjoy my detox tea, because I wasn’t in the normal morning rush. I had a regular chocolate vanilla protein shake with almond coconut milk. Mid morning I enjoyed strawberries and a fit chew. For lunch I had a shake replacement. In the mid afternoon I had some almonds and a fit chew. I also enjoyed an energy fizz over ice.

For dinner we had friends over. It was a very basic cookout of burgers, hotdogs. We had sides of chips, mac and cheese, pasta salad, broccoli slaw, sweet potatoes wedges, chips with homemade  salsa and guac. The desserts included peanut butter fudge, caramel brownies and pecan pie. Oh, I almost forgot the Abita beer variety pack and Pinot Grigio This is what I had….



I had a hamburger with no bun and topped it with guac and salsa and had a side of sweet potato wedges. I was really good even though I wanted to eat all the other delicious food I refrained, because I wanted to finish the 28 days without cheating. Now I almost caved and took a sip of beer but my hubby was my Jiminy Cricket. Thank you! This is about my 4th social gathering this month where there was non detox food and it was tolerable. You can be social and still stay on the detox. You just have to remind yourself on all the hard work you put in the day before and the day before that etc. That is what helps me to stay on course.

I hope you all had a good week. Thanks for following me this week! Have a great weekend!


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