Arbonne Detox: Day 25

Another day of detoxing is upon me. By this time it really is part of the routine, there really are only good surprises that I encounter.  Got up this morning decided to make the iced detox tea fizz stick beverage, made my smoothie used the last bit of local strawberries and then had my probiotic. I had training today I did a fast 30 min WOD of row 500m , 5 box jumps on 24 inch box (my trainer was confident I could do it. I have been jumping on the 20 inch box. I tried but my free got in the way, so I stepped up), 10 push presses, 20 jumping pull ups, 30 sit-ups. I did this 4 times but alternated the row with a 300m run on rounds 2 and 4. It felt good. When I got home I had some almonds and drank a lot of water. I decided to have a smoothie with a banana since I worked out for lunch. It was so delicious.



At about 3pm I had more almonds and a couple of lemon fit chews. For dinner I had baked lemon herb chicken breast, but instead of olive oil I used coconut oil. I also made pea puree with lemon and a little bit of olive oil.


My energy was great today. This journey continues to be so eye-opening for me. Who knew how food that you thought was ok could make you feel so crappy. A few weeks ago, my husband and I watch a documentary called Hungry for Change. It was really gave me a lot of information to think about. I highly recommend for everyone to take the time to watch.




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