Arbonne Detox: Day 24

I am in the home stretch and let me tell you I am feeling great. I was able to wear a pair of shorts comfortably today that I wasn’t able to button at the end of last summer, that made me feel really good!  One change I have also noticed is that I am a little more bright-eyed in the morning. It’s nice to not wake up so groggy anymore. This morning I did my normal detox routine shake, tea probiotic. I still have yummo local strawberries so I used those in my shake with the fiber boost.  I went to the gym for the first time this week and it felt great!   I had a mid morning snacks of almonds and 2 fit chews. When I got home I decided to make a shake as a replacement meal. I was surprised how full it made me feel.  Around 3pm I had more almonds and fit chews. Today was a super busy day so I snacked on whatever I had in my purse kind of day. Dinner wasn’t very exciting either. I had a workshop this evening so I just made myself a veggie burger patty and a quinoa salad. I had some strawberries at the workshop. It is really nice to be typing this at 9:30pm and still have some energy left. I wish I could bottle up this feeling so I could share it! Have a good night!


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