Arbonne Detox: Day 23

Only 5 days left! I can’t believe that my detox journey is almost at its end.  I woke up and did my morning detox routine tea, probiotic, shake. I enjoyed another fresh strawberry chocolate shake as we still have local fresh strawberries.  Mid-morning I had some almonds and the remainder of the spicy pea humus I bought at the farmers market yesterday. For lunch I made a turkey melt (minus the bread) with diaya pepper jack  and I put a quiona salad over it. It was pretty good. I apologize for no picture. Mid afternoon I snacked on berries and had an energy fizz. For dinner I made a chicken burrito with black bean rice tortilla and pico with jalapeno. It was very tasty and filling.

Due to busy mornings these past two days, I haven’t been able to make it to the gym and I don’t feel guilt. I will make it there tomorrow, Thursday and Friday/and or Saturday so I am not stressing it. Pre detox me would be feel super guilty about it and be concocting plans of working out for two hours a day for the rest of the week to make up for loss time. I totally understand that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but eating right is 80% of the formula I believe. It’s so nice to be released of that guilt because I am fueling my body properly.

Another day for the books and on to day 23!


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