Arbonne Detox: Day 22

Happy Monday everyone!  Today was a busy one and that is one of the reasons, why there are no new pictures in this post….sorry. Woke up and did my morning detox routine. It was hot this morning so I made my detox tea/fizz stick water mixture.  I made a shake with fresh strawberries and I forgot to do my probiotic until later, because I had gotten out of the habit from the cleanse week.

I spent the morning helping out at the school, I got home about 10:30 and I had some strawberries. I left a little bit later and met a friend for lunch at Natures Own and had the Greek salad minus, feta, toast and dressing.


Later in the afternoon, I had more strawberries and some fit chews. I am digging on the chocolate fit chews right now.

For dinner I had the same dinner I had last night of beer can chicken, kale and sweet potatoes. I also ate some spicy green pea humus I got at the farmers market today. It is absolutely delicious and basically just puree peas with spices and lime juice and olive oil.

It was really hot today, so I have made a conscious effort to drink more water. I am feeling great mood wise and energy wise!  Due to my volunteering I didn’t make it to the gym, but you know what I have no guilt, because I know I ate well today.

Hope everyone had a great start to the week!


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