Arbonne Detox: Day 20 and 21


We woke up super early because we were doing a local race. My hubby and the boys were doing the family fun run and I was doing the 5K. I did my morning detox minus the detox tea and I drank my shake on the way to the race. I was nervous to see how the race would go. I hadn’t run outside much since the fall. The farthest run I had done outside these past two weeks was 2 miles. With all that being said,  I was surprised that I finished with a decent time. It was not my fastest but definitely finished around the same time I was running in the fall. After the race I had 1/2 a banana. I know not detox friendly, but I needed something. After we left  the post-race festivities we ran a few errands. When we came home, I immediately ate lunch, which was left overs from the night before.

IMG_3495 In the mid afternoon I had some strawberries and I drank my cleanse from about noon until 5ish. For dinner we grilled steaks with pico de gallo and brown rice. I love having my weekly portion of red meat! Yes, there is steak in there I love putting the pico on top!



Happy Mother’s Day! Normally, the boys fix me breakfast in bed, but since I can’t have most breakfast food I had my normal shake, but with the yummo strawberries I got at the Farmer’s Market the day before. We went to Mass and then came home.  I had some more strawberries and a couple of fit chews. We had brunch reservations at The Carolina Hotel at 2pm. Since I survived the brunch last week I thought this would be easy. Boy, I was wrong.  It was really hard not to cheat today. The dessert section and the cheese section was calling my name, but I didn’t answer. I probably ate more than I should have. I had a small salad with lemon as a dressing.  I then had a seafood plate with veggies.



The veggies did have some butter on it, but I tried to pick the ones that had the least on them.  I should have stopped there, but I went to get a small veggies omelet.  When we came back I started drinking the cleanse, because I had forgotten to start it earlier I drank it from 3pm until about 7pm.  For dinner we made a beer can chicken, I marinated with a peruvian like marinade I substituted the vinegar with lemon. I also sautéed some kale and made sweet potato fries.


Since I had more at lunch, I made sure my portions were smaller.  All in all it was a good weekend. As I embark on my last week, I really need to decide how I am going to transition out of these last 28 days. I love the way my body has transformed (I will reveal my numbers after the 28 days are done) and I love the way I feel. I love not feeling like crap after I eat a meal. I love not feeling guilty if I don’t go to the gym 5 days a week. I am considering living my life 80/20 and really cutting out gluten out of my life and saving it for special occasions. I have a lot to think about this next week. I am so excited I had made it this far!




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