Arbonne Detox: Day 17

I felt a lot better this morning, there was no lingering tiredness. Did my morning detox routine and had another hearty smoothie, like yesterday I added frozen mixed berries. Early this morning,  I went and helped out at school with the bike to school event and then went to TRX class, which was so good. I felt great! I came home I grabbed a snack of humus and drank about 8 ounces of the cleanse. I wasn’t home long and then ran out again to the school to help with a teacher appreciation event. I was there until about noon and I was feeling hungry.  I made a chicken quesadilla with diaya cheddar cheese, black bean rice tortilla and homemade guac for lunch It was actually really good and had a nice crunch. After lunch I had a very productive segment of time around the house. I did a lot of chores, did some work, made some calls. It was good and I felt great!  I drank the rest of my cleanse from 12:30pm until about 5:30pm. I tried to space it out like I did yesterday. For dinner I made some turkey cheddar lettuce wraps with Anaheim peppers and avocados. It was pretty good especially since you melt the cheese on top of the turkey slice.



I forgot to mention that I am drinking ALOT of water as well through out the day! Hope you all have a great night. I am loving the way I feel.


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