Arbonne Detox: Day 12, 13, 14

I survived traveling and detoxing! It wasn’t easy at times, but it can be done. If I can do it anyone can!

Friday, May 2

In the morning I did my regular detox routine, detox tea, probiotic, breakfast shake. That morning I went to spin class and I actually felt like I had more energy than on Tuesday. After that I was at the boys school volunteering from 11:00am-2:30pm. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat so when I left I took a recovery shake with me, which also kind of doubled as a replacement shake. I am not sure if that is what is allowed, but I just didn’t have another option. Which is better than what I would have done in my pre-detoxing days. I would have just not eaten. I also took almonds and some fit chews with me which I snacked on through out my time there.

When I got home I had an apple. We then did some last-minute packing and we were on the road by 4:00pm. We decided to have an early dinner locally so we could just drive as long as we could manage without a stop. We ate at Moe’s since that is a pretty detox friendly restaurant. I had a chicken bowl.


On the drive North, I snacked on Fit Chews and almonds. When we got to my parents house I had my detox tea.

Saturday, May 3

Woke up and did my detox morning routine. We had a morning filled with activities so I had a green apple mid morning and took almonds and Fit Chews in my bag. We got back to my parents house around late morning and were going to be on the go again by noon so I made myself a quick omelet for lunch.



We went to watch my nephew’s little league baseball game, and I drank a lot of water and snacked on a couple of Fit Chews. That late after noon we went to my best friend’s birthday/derby party. Thankfully it was a fajita bar so I had my steak for the week and ate the pico de gallo and guac I made. There were black beans, but they were not detox friendly. The only reason I knew is because I had them at home and had looked at the ingredient list early in my detox journey. They had some delicious cupcakes and I was SOOOO tempted but I ate a Fit Chew instead. I think I went over my Fit Chew limit on Saturday. All in all I very proud of myself that I didn’t even take a little bite of anything I wasn’t supposed to eat. Once I got home I had my detox tea and called it a night.

Sunday, May 4

Today was my niece’s First Communion day. We had to be at Mass by 8:30 am. I did my morning detox routine around the same time I do during the week, so that worked out well. After the wonderful Mass there was a celebration at the Parish Hall which consisted of sweets, but thankfully they had an abundant fruit platter I was able to get some strawberries from. Following that we had brunch at the Army Navy Country Club. It was very detox friendly I had a veggies omelet, smoked salmon, grilled veggies and a plate of berries. Steering away from the bacon is very hard for me, but I did it.

After brunch we made our way back to my parents to pack up and head back home. I ate almonds and an apple before we left. We stopped about half way through our drive for an early dinner at Subway. I had a salad and asked them to put a little bit of olive oil on it. The rest of the way I had some almonds a couple of Fit chews. I had my tea once we got home.

The weekend was very hectic. My main concern and it honestly has been all this past week, because the week as a whole was hectic, is that I let too much time go in between eating. I made an effort to not let that happen, but I know it did a few times this week.  You just have to take it one day at a time and do your best.


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