Arbonne Detox: Day 11

Today was just as busy as yesterday, except a lot of my tasks were at home. This morning I did my detox ritual of shake with fiber, probiotic and detox tea with energy fizz stick in 32 ounce water bottle. I dropped the boys off at school and then went to my training session. It was a quick 20 min ladder work out but it was intense. I was left lying on the floor.  My work out today was the following:

Row 500m, 50 air squats

Row 400m, 40 lateral jumps

Row 300m, 30 sit ups

Row 200m, 20 push ups

Row 100m, 10 burpees (my very favorite……RRRRRIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHTTT)

When I was done at the gym I ran a few errands, came home grabbed a quick snack of almonds and fit chews then went back to my boys school to clean out and organize the PTA room.  I then went to the Farmer’s Market and then got home at around 11:00am. I should have just made a veggie omelet and called that lunch, but I decided to tackle my very long to do list for around the house. By the time I looked at the clock and it was close to 12:30pm,  yeah I know not good. So I got out some smoked salmon I had bought and opened a can of heart of palms. The salmon was Coho salmon which I had never had before. Well, I didn’t take a picture for a reason, because I couldn’t eat it. It had a very strong bitter taste I couldn’t stomach. So I ate the heart of palms and then had humus and a black bean brown rice tortilla by the time I finished with lunch it was close to 1:15pm.  I started back on my to-do list and I grazed on almonds through the afternoon, I made a conscious effort to not eat that many since I had put a small amount in a bowl.

I made dinner early today, because I have a meeting to go to later. I made a “pizza”. I used the black bean brown rice tortilla, organic pizza sauce, Diaya mozzarella shreds, roasted red peppers, artichokes and spinach. I really thought it was going to be another meal fail, but it tasted pretty good and it was filling.


We are going out-of-town tomorrow afternoon. This will really be a test as we are going to a couple of social events that involve food. I will try to write a daily post, but if I don’t you will get a wrap up on Sunday night! Have a great night and thanks for following me on my detox journey. If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section! Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Arbonne Detox: Day 11

  1. Marisol, Mama Franck admires your resolve and determination in achieving your goals. Just remember, that we love you for the lovely, gracious person that abides deep within your persona, something that will never change no matter how your physical body may evolve over time. You will always be an angel in my mind just like my dear, sweet Vanessa.
    Hoping you are doing well after this strenuous detox procedure.
    Sending all thoughts good your way,
    Mama Franck

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