Arbonne Detox: Day 3

Today was a very busy day. I woke up and had my tea and probiotic. I made the same breakfast shake I had yesterday. Mid morning I had some strawberry and blueberries and a fit chew.  I had my first eating out experience at Panera.  I actually had a vision that the loaves of bread were going to break out in a broadway song and dance on how I couldn’t eat them. It honestly, wasn’t that bad. I worked really hard these past 2 days and I couldn’t imagine ruining that. I ordered the Mediterranean shrimp salad without the feta cheese and without the dressing. I got a lot of lemons from the drink station and squeezed it on top. It was satisfying, considering the circumstances.

The afternoon was even busier with shuttling kids to activities, I was able to eat some more berries an energy fizz stick and another fit chew. For dinner I had the same avocado, chicken, black bean and pico de gallo bowl. A little later I had another fit chew.  One good thing is that the dull headache I have been carrying around since mid Monday has gone away!  Survived day 3, let’s bring on day 4!


Arbonne Detox: Day 2

I went to bed last night craving my morning smoothie!! I am not going to lie but I woke up with a slight headache and ickiness. First thing I had my detox tea and shot of probiotic. I made a simple smoothie, but it’s my favorite

Mar’s Fav Shake: 1 scoop Arbonne vanilla powder, 1 scoop Arbonne chocolate powder, 1 scoop of Fiber boost, tablespoon of unsalted almond butter and 10 ounces of unsweetened almond coconut milk.  Blend and Enjoy!

About an hour after breakfast I broke down and had an energy fizz. The gave me the boost to get me through my busy morning. At about 9am I have a couple of fit chews as well.

I had lunch at around 12:00  and it was the same thing I had yesterday grilled chicken tenderloins, sautéed Tuscan Kale and TJ veggies quinoa mix.



At about 4pm I had another energy fizz stick and another fit chew. For dinner I made a chicken, avocado, black bean and pico de gallo bowl. I only added one small tenderloin, because I had the avocado and the black beans in there.


After dinner I had my detox tea. I feel okay at the end of Day 2, I have a slight headache, but I don’t have nauseous I had last night.  On to Day 3!


Arbonne Detox Day #1

First and foremost happy anniversary to my dear hubby! Thanks for 13 wonderful years!

Here is a sample day of this detox. I am going to follow this through my 28 day journey.

A SAMPLE DAY ON THE DETOX This is the boys last day of spring break, so this morning was not rushed. I will have to get out of bed when my alarm goes off so I am not rushed and can enjoy my smoothie and tea.

First thing I did when I woke up was weigh myself and take my measurement. At around 7:30am  I drank the detox tea, took the digestion plus probiotic powder. Easiest way to do it is to mix it in about 4 ounces of water and shoot it.  I made my breakfast smoothie:

Berry Smoothie: 1 scoop of vanilla powder, 1 scoop of chocolate power, 1 scoop of daily fiber boost, 10 ounces of Coconut/Almond milk,  handful of frozen organic berries

Blend and Enjoy!

At about 9:30 I ate a lemon fit chew and then at 11:30am I started making my lunch. Which was 2 grilled organic garlic lemon marinated chicken tenderloins, sautéed organic Tuscan Kale and Trader Joe’s frozen quinoa duo.



One good tip is to prepare your lean protein the Sunday before. I had my husband grill me a bunch of chicken tenderloins so I have it. It’s easier stay successful if your food is readily available I think. Especially for me, because I either won’t eat or choose something that won’t serve my body well.

In the mid afternoon I had a handful of almonds and the pomegranate fizz sticks. For dinner I ate the above except I substituted the chicken with wild caught smoked salmon. I plan on having a detox tea and chew when I get night-time cravings in an hour.

I will be honest, I am already feeling carb withdrawal systems nauseous, pangs of hunger and headache. Which doesn’t surprise me, because my got to snacks are normally pretzels, some sort of cracker or a banana.

I have survived the first day I did not quit! Lets see what tomorrow brings.

28 Day Detox Boot Camp

Long time no see! I am sorry I have been out of touch. Other commitments have kept me away from writing and frankly I didn’t have anything interesting to write about until now! After much soul-searching I have decided to do Arbonne Essential’s 28 Day Detox Boot Camp. My body needs a restart and I hope that this is where I can find it.  I have been working out and even changed it up, but my eating is still not great. Eating is what is holding me back from any significant weight loss. It’s not that I want to lose a ton of weight, but 5 lbs would be nice. After the MCM 10K in October I have put on some extra lbs and I have reverted back to some bad eating habits. Not eating much during the day, eating double portions at dinner and completely gorging on the weekends. Even though losing a bit of weight would be nice I am mainly doing this because, I want to get rid of the icky feeling I currently have been carrying around all of 2014.

Why the Arbonne Detox Boot Camp?  I have recently switched over my protein powder to their protein and I love it! I was using whey protein, but when I learn how whey really isn’t that good for you it was a no brainer for me to switch to a vegan protein. I looked more into their detox and it doesn’t deprive you of food at all. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a healthy way to restart. Here is a snap shot look at the detox.

Cheat Sheet

Another reason why I decided on this particular detox is because, I do have to invest some money in the Arbonne products and that I think will make me less likely to quit.  Arbonne Essential products are pure safe and beneficial. They are formulated without gluten and have no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. They contain no cholesterol, trans fats or animal products.  When you sign up for the detox you don’t sign up to do it alone.  We have an amazing support group during the 28 days. I am not alone. I have 2 wonderful leaders and fellow detoxers. They give us a weekly meal plan and grocery list and answer any question at any time of day through a closed Facebook group.

I will be writing a daily journal on here to chronicle my journey. I start on April 21st! If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this detox please leave a comment!  Wish me luck!