Arbonne Detox: Day 10

This morning I did my normal detox routine probiotic, shake and I mixed my detox tea with an energy fizz stick and water.  My morning was full of appointments. I left the house at 7:10 am and didn’t return until close to 1pm. I went to a school volunteer breakfast so there I had some strawberries and green apples slices. I didn’t need any drink, because I still had my detox/ energy fizz drink. Before I left the house I made sure to put a baggie of almonds and a couple of fit chews in my bag. I ate those around mid morning. I felt bad that I didn’t eat lunch until 1ish. So I know I was over the 4 hour window between my breakfast that they suggest.  For lunch I had leftover chili and I quick pico with avocado salad which I put on top of chili.


Since I had lunch late I didn’t really snack in the afternoon other than a fit chew. For dinner I made my mom’s 3 spice and garlic broiled shrimp with broiled asparagus and brown rice. My energy level has been great again and so has my mood. I had some little kinks this afternoon and I feel like Marisol 3 weeks ago would have really been freaking out. One thing that I am loving is not feeling like crap after I eat!


I hope you all have a great night, let’s bring on Day 11!




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