Arbonne Detox: Day 9

Did my normal detox morning routine of probiotic, smoothie with fiber and detox tea, which I mixed with water and energy fizz stick.  This morning we had a PTA function at the school, where we served a variety of pound cakes. This was the first time ever that I didn’t  sneak a bite. It honestly felt liberating. I can actually have some self-control! Right after that meeting I went to the gym and took a 50 min spin class. It was really intense, but I felt ok. I held back a little, but now I know that next time I would be ok if I pushed myself a little more.  After the gym I came home and had a green apple and a fit chew.

I went out and met a friend for lunch at my favorite local restaurant 195. I had my favorite salad, which is the greek shrimp salad. I did have to alter it some. I had to take out the feta cheese  and dressing. I squeezed lemon on it and added some salt and pepper. I also had the humus without the delicious multigrain toast.


In the afternoon I had some local delicious strawberries, handful of almonds and 2 fit chews. This was the first time since starting  the detox, that I didn’t need an afternoon energy fizz.



Dinner was absolutely delicious. I made a lemon and herb chicken breast with brown rice and green beans. The best thing is that I could make it for the entire family. It was a hit! I rarely bake chicken breasts, because it always dries out, but these came out so juicy. I will definitely be adding this to our weekly meals.

There are a couple of things I have felt today. First, I can see results in how my clothes are fitting and also the scale (I won’t reveal my weight loss until the end). I currently feel AMAZING energy wise. I feel alert, relax and happy. Normally at this time I am grumpy, tired and stressed. I cannot wait to see what day 10 will bring!


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