Arbonne Detox: Day 8

Happy Monday! Woke up and did my morning detox ritual. Had my probiotic and detox tea. I made my favorite smoothie, but I realized after I drank it that I forgot to include the fiber….oops.  This morning it was finally warm enough for me to run outside. I am a warm weather runner. Unless it is race day you are not getting me on the street with a temperature any lower than 55 degrees.  So I got out there today and ran 2 miles. I felt great. I was a little worried if I was going to have the energy, but I did. I then went to the gym to take the 9am TRX class. To my surprise they were trying out a new class during that time slot. It was a HIT class. For those of you that aren’t familia, it is a high intensity interval class. For 30 min you do an interval training at a high intensity with a little bit of rest in between intervals (like 5-30 seconds). I decided to stay and really earn my recovery smoothie. I survived I was smoked though. I realized I didn’t have any bananas at home so I went to the grocery and ran a few errands, by the time I got home I had missed my 30 min recovery smoothie window. I decided to just make my lunch which consisted of a delicious veggies omelet with diaya cheese. Diaya cheese well I shouldn’t call it cheese, it’s a cheese substitute that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn. I can eat it, that is all I care about. It’s not great, but it melted ok and it was good in the omelet.


I felt bad because I didn’t have a mid morning snack. By the time I got home it was 11 and I needed to have lunch. I need to make a habit of having chews in my purse. After the omelet I had a green apple for dessert. Around 2pm I had an energy fizz stick and 2 fit chews.

For dinner I had turkey chili with sweet potato spears. The recipe made a lot so I have  another dinner and a couple lunches which is good.


One thing I can do better tomorrow is make sure I snack, because I do not want to put my body in starvation mode! Have a good night, on to day 9.


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