Arbonne Detox: Day 5

I made it to Friday wohoo!!! Now the true test lies ahead, I must survive a weekend eating cleanly. Weekends have always been my Achilles heel. I passed my first test tonight.  I asked my husband to pick up a pizza for he and boys tonight. When I went in the kitchen to start making my dinner, he immediately said, “Don’t look at it!”, I thought that was very funny.

Today my kindergartener didn’t have school, because our school was holding Kindergarten registration. We did have to go in to the school to help with the sale of our school spirit wear for most of the day.  Even though I had more time this morning, since my husband took our older son in to school. I still had the same morning shake with fiber, and probiotic. I had the detox tea cold with an energy fizz stick again. I forgot to put a snack in my bag so I didn’t get a mid morning snack. I was able to run through Chik-Fila (I know not the best choice), but I was able to have the Marketplace salad without the blue cheese and I didn’t eat the red apples. I also had it plain no dressing. It was ok, not fabulous, but I am glad I made a decent decision in a pinch.  When we got home in the mid afternoon I had the rice black bean tortilla with humus and a couple of fit chews.

For dinner I had a half of a small sweet potato, steamed lentils, half a small avocado and Thai Lime shrimp skewers from Trader Joe’s.


The shrimp looks tasty right? This is the first time I have actually thrown something away from Trader Joe’s. They taste so fishy, I had to spit it out. Beware of the Thai Lime Shrimp Skewers at your local Trader Joe’s.

Thank you for following me through my journey this first work week. Have a good Friday night, do some bread eating and beer drinking for me! I am going to go enjoy my nightly detox tea.


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