Arbonne Detox: Day 3

Today was a very busy day. I woke up and had my tea and probiotic. I made the same breakfast shake I had yesterday. Mid morning I had some strawberry and blueberries and a fit chew.  I had my first eating out experience at Panera.  I actually had a vision that the loaves of bread were going to break out in a broadway song and dance on how I couldn’t eat them. It honestly, wasn’t that bad. I worked really hard these past 2 days and I couldn’t imagine ruining that. I ordered the Mediterranean shrimp salad without the feta cheese and without the dressing. I got a lot of lemons from the drink station and squeezed it on top. It was satisfying, considering the circumstances.

The afternoon was even busier with shuttling kids to activities, I was able to eat some more berries an energy fizz stick and another fit chew. For dinner I had the same avocado, chicken, black bean and pico de gallo bowl. A little later I had another fit chew.  One good thing is that the dull headache I have been carrying around since mid Monday has gone away!  Survived day 3, let’s bring on day 4!



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