Arbonne Detox: Day 10

This morning I did my normal detox routine probiotic, shake and I mixed my detox tea with an energy fizz stick and water.  My morning was full of appointments. I left the house at 7:10 am and didn’t return until close to 1pm. I went to a school volunteer breakfast so there I had some strawberries and green apples slices. I didn’t need any drink, because I still had my detox/ energy fizz drink. Before I left the house I made sure to put a baggie of almonds and a couple of fit chews in my bag. I ate those around mid morning. I felt bad that I didn’t eat lunch until 1ish. So I know I was over the 4 hour window between my breakfast that they suggest.  For lunch I had leftover chili and I quick pico with avocado salad which I put on top of chili.


Since I had lunch late I didn’t really snack in the afternoon other than a fit chew. For dinner I made my mom’s 3 spice and garlic broiled shrimp with broiled asparagus and brown rice. My energy level has been great again and so has my mood. I had some little kinks this afternoon and I feel like Marisol 3 weeks ago would have really been freaking out. One thing that I am loving is not feeling like crap after I eat!


I hope you all have a great night, let’s bring on Day 11!



Arbonne Detox: Day 9

Did my normal detox morning routine of probiotic, smoothie with fiber and detox tea, which I mixed with water and energy fizz stick.  This morning we had a PTA function at the school, where we served a variety of pound cakes. This was the first time ever that I didn’t  sneak a bite. It honestly felt liberating. I can actually have some self-control! Right after that meeting I went to the gym and took a 50 min spin class. It was really intense, but I felt ok. I held back a little, but now I know that next time I would be ok if I pushed myself a little more.  After the gym I came home and had a green apple and a fit chew.

I went out and met a friend for lunch at my favorite local restaurant 195. I had my favorite salad, which is the greek shrimp salad. I did have to alter it some. I had to take out the feta cheese  and dressing. I squeezed lemon on it and added some salt and pepper. I also had the humus without the delicious multigrain toast.


In the afternoon I had some local delicious strawberries, handful of almonds and 2 fit chews. This was the first time since starting  the detox, that I didn’t need an afternoon energy fizz.



Dinner was absolutely delicious. I made a lemon and herb chicken breast with brown rice and green beans. The best thing is that I could make it for the entire family. It was a hit! I rarely bake chicken breasts, because it always dries out, but these came out so juicy. I will definitely be adding this to our weekly meals.

There are a couple of things I have felt today. First, I can see results in how my clothes are fitting and also the scale (I won’t reveal my weight loss until the end). I currently feel AMAZING energy wise. I feel alert, relax and happy. Normally at this time I am grumpy, tired and stressed. I cannot wait to see what day 10 will bring!

Arbonne Detox: Day 8

Happy Monday! Woke up and did my morning detox ritual. Had my probiotic and detox tea. I made my favorite smoothie, but I realized after I drank it that I forgot to include the fiber….oops.  This morning it was finally warm enough for me to run outside. I am a warm weather runner. Unless it is race day you are not getting me on the street with a temperature any lower than 55 degrees.  So I got out there today and ran 2 miles. I felt great. I was a little worried if I was going to have the energy, but I did. I then went to the gym to take the 9am TRX class. To my surprise they were trying out a new class during that time slot. It was a HIT class. For those of you that aren’t familia, it is a high intensity interval class. For 30 min you do an interval training at a high intensity with a little bit of rest in between intervals (like 5-30 seconds). I decided to stay and really earn my recovery smoothie. I survived I was smoked though. I realized I didn’t have any bananas at home so I went to the grocery and ran a few errands, by the time I got home I had missed my 30 min recovery smoothie window. I decided to just make my lunch which consisted of a delicious veggies omelet with diaya cheese. Diaya cheese well I shouldn’t call it cheese, it’s a cheese substitute that is free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn. I can eat it, that is all I care about. It’s not great, but it melted ok and it was good in the omelet.


I felt bad because I didn’t have a mid morning snack. By the time I got home it was 11 and I needed to have lunch. I need to make a habit of having chews in my purse. After the omelet I had a green apple for dessert. Around 2pm I had an energy fizz stick and 2 fit chews.

For dinner I had turkey chili with sweet potato spears. The recipe made a lot so I have  another dinner and a couple lunches which is good.


One thing I can do better tomorrow is make sure I snack, because I do not want to put my body in starvation mode! Have a good night, on to day 9.

Arbonne Detox: Day 7

Today was hard. We had social events that involved food, but I SURVIVED! This morning we went to Mass as normal, but after Mass there was a coffee social so there was cakes, sweets and muffins galore. As a on-going fundraiser my Church sells the best authentic Mexican food around. This was the first time I didn’t have my Sunday morning taco in a long time. In the afternoon we went to the pool with friends. My kids had their lunch there which consisted of chicken fingers and french fries. It was so hard not to pick up a fry from their plate or eat their left overs, but I managed to stay strong this morning and this afternoon.

This what I ate today. In the morning I had my favorite shake, detox tea and probiotic. We didn’t get back from church until 11:00am so I just made my lunch which was a Trader Joe’s chicken lime patty on top of tomato and avocado salad. I took a big water bottle with an energy fizz stick in it. I drank that at the pool and then kept refilling my bottle with water the entire time we were at the pool. When we got home I had a couple of fit chews and a handful of almonds.

For dinner I pan-fried wild caught sword fish with light seasoning and olive oil. I had a side of peas and half of a roasted sweet potato.


I have a week under my belt and I honestly couldn’t feel any better. It isn’t easy at times, but it surely isn’t impossible. Bring on week 2!

Arbonne Detox: Day 6



If you have been following me on this blog, you know that I go to the gym a lot. This week I only went to the gym on Thursday and I currently have no guilt about it and FEEL GREAT!  This week has finally proven to me that you can not out exercise a bad diet. This journey so far has been a huge learning experience for me. A week ago, if I told you I had only gone to they gym once during that week, I would have been full of guilt and felt like crap. Today I have no guilt and I feel great! When this 28 day journey is over, I know that I can not go back to old habits. I have to change the way I eat, especially on the weekends.

This morning I made myself a veggie omelette. I am sorry I didn’t take a picture. It was so delicious I couldn’t wait to eat it! I also had my probiotic and detox tea.  I ate breakfast kind of late so I didn’t need a mid morning snack.

This afternoon we were going to our local town’s Spring Fest so I knew eating lunch out there was not an option, because it was going to be all carnival type food.  Before we left I made myself a Green Apple Goodness Smoothie which consisted of 2 scoops of Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein, half of a green apple, teaspoon of almond butter, dash of cinnamon, almond milk and a couple of cubes of ice. Blend and enjoy. Instead of adding one scoop of the Arbonne Fiber Boost I added 2 to keep myself extra full, so I would not  cave to temptation. The smoothie was delicious it tasted like apple pie to me.  I did great at the festival, the smoothie kept me full and satiated the entire time we were there. When we got back I had a fit chew and brown rice and black bean tortilla with humus.

For dinner I had a treat. I am allowed red meat once a week on this detox. The portion has to be the size of my fist and the meat has to be grass-fed. We usually eat grass-fed beef so that wasn’t an issue. I was worried about only eating a portion the size of my fist ha ha ha!



We also grilled some broccoli and zucchini seasoned with light olive oil Trade Joe’s house seasoning, paprika, oregano and garlic powder. It was a very delicious and satisfying dinner! I have the first Saturday under my belt now on to Sunday day 7!

Arbonne Detox: Day 5

I made it to Friday wohoo!!! Now the true test lies ahead, I must survive a weekend eating cleanly. Weekends have always been my Achilles heel. I passed my first test tonight.  I asked my husband to pick up a pizza for he and boys tonight. When I went in the kitchen to start making my dinner, he immediately said, “Don’t look at it!”, I thought that was very funny.

Today my kindergartener didn’t have school, because our school was holding Kindergarten registration. We did have to go in to the school to help with the sale of our school spirit wear for most of the day.  Even though I had more time this morning, since my husband took our older son in to school. I still had the same morning shake with fiber, and probiotic. I had the detox tea cold with an energy fizz stick again. I forgot to put a snack in my bag so I didn’t get a mid morning snack. I was able to run through Chik-Fila (I know not the best choice), but I was able to have the Marketplace salad without the blue cheese and I didn’t eat the red apples. I also had it plain no dressing. It was ok, not fabulous, but I am glad I made a decent decision in a pinch.  When we got home in the mid afternoon I had the rice black bean tortilla with humus and a couple of fit chews.

For dinner I had a half of a small sweet potato, steamed lentils, half a small avocado and Thai Lime shrimp skewers from Trader Joe’s.


The shrimp looks tasty right? This is the first time I have actually thrown something away from Trader Joe’s. They taste so fishy, I had to spit it out. Beware of the Thai Lime Shrimp Skewers at your local Trader Joe’s.

Thank you for following me through my journey this first work week. Have a good Friday night, do some bread eating and beer drinking for me! I am going to go enjoy my nightly detox tea.

Arbonne Detox: Day 4

Thankfully this morning when I woke up the headache did not return. I had the same shake for breakfast as the last 2 days. The only thing different I did was that I brewed my detox tea and poured in about 16 ounces of cold water and then added a citrus energy fizz and shook it up. It wasn’t bad. I did this because this was my first day back at the gym. I trained with my trainer, he did a 20 min TABATA with me that consisted of KB swings, step ups, mountain climbers, air squats and knees to elbows. I finished it off with a 500 meter run. It felt good. Since I only worked out for 25 min I didn’t have a recovery shake.

When I got home I had a brown rice black bean tortilla and some humus from the local nature grocery store. The tortilla was like a slice of heaven! I am so glad a friend recommended it. I have been finding that all the gluten-free crackers, breads still have corn or soy which I cannot have. So this was a life saving discovery for me!

For lunch I made an heirloom tomato salad and on top I chopped up a Trader Joe’s chicken lime patty.


Mid afternoon I had a fit chew and a green apple.  I unfortunately ate dinner after 7pm. We had a Middle School open house for our older son. I made chicken tenderloins with Trader Joe’s Curry Simmering Sauce. I had it with broccoli slaw and half of a medium sweet potato.



I have been told that my palate would change while doing this detox. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast. The simmering sauce has never tasted spicy to me and today it really left my mouth on fire. Also the sweet potato tasted so delicious it was like eating candy ha ha ha!   Good night everyone! Bring on Day 5!