When In Doubt Go Back….

….with that you know.

Over the past few months I have been trying out new moisturizers. I had an abundance of samples from my birchboxes and Sephora Sun Safety Kit. I unfortunately did not find one that I loved. For whatever reason when the seasons change my skin, especially on my face goes through a rough couple weeks. I noticed this year that is was happening sooner than later. My skin was just really dry ( I know some of it was due to my lack of hydration….trying to be better about that), but I knew some of it had to be from trying 3 different moisturizers over the summer.  So I decided to go back with what my skin knows and likes……..



I had used Hope in a Jar off and on since 2004. I always loved it. It always made my skin look great, but I felt that I wanted to see what else was out there especially when in the summer I switch to a moisturizer that has spf (in winter my primer has spf). I have noticed though that the spf moisturizers leave my skin a little thirsty and I believe that is what happened this summer. I have been using Hope in Jar (for dry skin) for about 2 weeks now and my skin is back to it’s old self!

It is good to try new things, but it is always good to go back to the things that you know work for you!


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