A “Killer”s Concert and a Fab Surprise

I want to apologize for taking some time off from the blog. We got back from vacation and a week later the boys were back in school. I have also taken a position on our school’s PTA board. It has been very rewarding and a lot of fun. Needless to say my time has been focused in other places these past few weeks.


On August 10th,  my hubby and I along with close friends were lucky to see The Killers in Columbia, MD. I have been wanting to see Brandon and the gang for a very long time and I am glad it finally worked out. They did not disappoint, and I would say the concert is in my top 5 list of concerts I have attended.  They have this great energy, and if I may hazard, Brandon Flowers (the lead singer) has a showmanship that evokes comparisons like an “American Freddie Mercury” (voice of an angel). Click here to check out the set list. For once a band played all the songs I wanted to here. They DID NOT disappoint, if you are a fan and they come to your town run, run, run to go see them!

My BFF Vanessa said she would send me a copy of the set list she made. So late last week I got the CD in mail along with this all these fun things from Target. I love getting surprises in the mail, especially when the contents are super fun!

eye shadows

I hade seen this eyeshadow “quad” in a magazine and I was going to get them on my next Target trip. It was really cool she was one step ahead of me. I love, LOVE this eyeshadow! It goes on smoothly and you can just put on one shade and it makes a statement, because of the glitter.


I am always on the hunt for a good makeup remover towelettes. My ultimate favorite are the Korres ones, but they are a bit on the pricey side. These towlettes are great, not only to they do the job they are supposed to, but they moisturize and smell delicious!


This is really a wonderbalm. I put it on my lips and it instantly makes them smooth and soft. You can use them for anywhere you have dry skin. It goes on very smoothly and smells good as well. If you have dry skin give this a try. I think you will be surprised.

Thank you Vanessa for the very sweet package! I wish you all a wonderful first week of September!!


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