Zombie Mud Run


To celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, my hubby and I decided to do last Saturday’s  Zombie Escape from Panic Point.  It was a lot of fun!  It’s a 5K mud run. Through 20 obstacles and mud, you have to negotiate the course while avoiding zombies along the way. You have 3 flags (flag football belts), and you have to cross the finish line with one flag to not finish “infected.” If you lose all 3 flags a long the way, you can get more flags by doing a physical challenge ( burpees, sit ups, push ups).  Jeff was a beast and only lost 1. I lost my first 3 quickly, then got 3 more and lost those 3 and got 2 more and crossed with 1. The zombies can’t chase you once you pass them. I would attempt to just go around them. Jeff obviously had a better strategy.


From the onset you get muddy. I am talking red clay muddy. There aren’t many water obstacles, so you don’t really get clean until near the end of the course (a pond swim). All the obstacles were similar to the Tough Mudder. The only downside for me was that it was cold. I was shaking the entire time. Which makes me wonder if I even want to do our local Tough Mudder in November. Shaking for 12 miles will not be fun!


Zombie Escape was a great local run. I will totally do it again next year!



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