Today’s Workout

Now that the weather is nicer, I have started to run outside again.  I have not consistently run outside since the fall. Let me tell you how humbling it is for me. I can’t even get through a mile without stopping to catch my breath right now. It’s actually really frustrating, because I know I can do better.  At the end of last fall I was running more efficiently and had more endurance. The first mile is always killer. I need to not let it get me down and to remind myself that the second mile is much easier. I know I will get there again and the only way to get there is to get outside and run! NO MORE TREADMILLS!

Here is my work out for today. I really liked the WOD my trainer made me do today.

ran/walk 2 miles on a trail behind my gym

Then chipper WOD with trainer
15 push presses (45 lbs)
25 push ups
15 hang cleans (45 lbs)
25 jumping pull ups
20 dead lifts (45 lbs)
25 box jumps
Row calories (2x your age….for me 72 calories. FYI it took forever!)

Have a happy mid-week tomorrow!


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