Thursday Workout And Friday Workout

Thursday Workout

Yesterday my trainer wanted to do a bench mark Cross Fit work out. It is called the “Karen”. It consisted of doing 150 wall balls for time. I did it in a little over 7 min. Didn’t think that was so bad. So when we were done I thought “Oh he is going to do something easy now.”  Nope, he had me to the following

Run 300m

20 Slam Balls (20 lb ball)

Run 200m

15 Slam Balls

Run 100m

10 Slam Balls

Then 3 rounds of knees to chest 15 times

Friday Workout

30 min TRX class

20 min AMRAP

6 handstand push-up (I did the modified version my feet on a box used for box jumps)

12 wall balls ( I used both a 10  and a 14. Shoulder wrecked from yesterday.)

10 front squats ( 35 lbs)

8 pull ups ( used a resistance band since I can’t do a pull up on my own)


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