Revised Shrimp Lemon Pappardelle Pasta

Lemon Pepper Pappardelle with Shrimp (I went off the recipe on the back of pasta packaging, but I tweaked a few things):

I posted this originally about a month ago. I made it again and changed some things. It was SOOO much better this time around!


Ingredients: Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Pasta from Trader Joes (2 bags), 1 1/4 pounds of large shrimp (deveined, tossed with olive oil and garlic), juice of 6 lemons, 6 cloves of garlic minced, few glugs of olive oil, 1/4 cup of dry white wine (like Sauvignon Blanc salt to taste, 2 ladle full of the starchy pasta water, handful of chopped Italian parsley

1) Boil water for pasta. Once you put the pasta in (Pasta will take 8-10 minutes), heat oil in a large sauce pan, when the pasta has about 5-6 min left add shrimp.

2) Before you drain pasta add a ladle full or two of the starchy water to a Pyrex bowl and add wine and lemon juice.

3) Drain pasta and put it aside in a big pasta bowl.

4) Once shrimp are pink add water/wine/lemon juice mixture to shrimp. Let it get to a quick boil.

5) Add shrimp (just shrimp leave water/wine/lemon juice mixture in pan) to pasta and toss. Add a ladle full or two of water/wine/lemon juice mixture to pasta and toss.

6) Serve pasta and add chopped parsley and more water/wine/lemon juice mixture if desired.




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