My Oscar Recap


The Show

What did you think of the big night? Even though the reviews were mixed, I really enjoyed the 85th Oscars. Whether you deemed him appropriate or not I loved Seth MacFarlane and thought he did a good job. The opening monologue is one of the funniest I  have seen in years. Click here to watch it yourself.  I think Seth MacFarlane gave it his all and I was happy with the result. He had some good one lines throughout the show. Some might disagree, but I thought the Lincoln joke was funny and he recovered well, while it was not well received from the audience.  Like I said to many people, you have to like his stuff to really “get” him. To be honest I don’t think many people “get” smart comedy anymore.  He also wasn’t the cookie cutter host, which I appreciated. His song at the end of the telecast with Kristin Chenoweth was genius. Click here to see it.  There was one thing I was disappointed with and that was the tribute to Bond. I was under the impression that there was going to be a Bond reunion of sorts? Was I mistaken?  I did enjoy the musical numbers throughout the show. Click here to see my favorite.

Did you enjoy the show last night?  Do you think Seth MacFarlane did a good job?

The Winners

I was beyond elated that Argo won Best Picture! Like I have said in a previous post, it really is a superb film and I glad it has gotten so many accolades this awards season.  Ben Affleck is so humble when he accepts his awards. I just love it.

The only surprise wins for me were Ang Lee for Best Director and Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor. I am really glad Ang Lee won. I haven’t had a chance to watch Life of Pi, but I hear it was an epic film. I am actually not that surprised Christoph Waltz won, but I thought Robert DeNiro was going to get the win. I think he and Tommy Lee Jones might have split the vote.  As the rest of the main categories go, I was satisfied with who the Academy picked.  I really do need to see Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi and Django in Chains as soon as they are available for home viewing. Click here to see a full list of last night’s winners.

Did your top choices win last night?

The Red Carpet

Let me just start this off by saying I was super disappointed in the red carpet last night. I really find it annoying that during the last 60 min of coverage, they cut off E! from having a red carpet interviews.  Instead, you are left to listening all the hosts talk about the looks or going over to the ABC red carpet coverage, which I am sorry to say was just sad. I  normally don’t like to write negative things on this blog, but that coverage was awkward and boring.

The fashion trend for last night was metallic, sparkles and light colors. Again, I don’t want to be negative, but I was disappointed in the fashions. It’s the biggest night of the year in Hollywood and I really think the stylists and stars could have done better. There were few jaw dropping styles.  I can say that for me there were definitely more misses than hits. Here are the looks I enjoyed.


(pic source)

I just love Jennifer Garner and I thought this Gucci gown looked lovely on her. The color looked great on her and the back is what makes this dress so great. Well done!


(pic source)

Jennifer Hudson looked amazing in this Roberto Cavalli gown. I love the blue. It looks great on her. I also liked her hair and jewelry. I think she could haven’t gotten away with a little more color on her lips though.


(pic source)

This Dior gown was meant to go to the Oscars. I am not going to lie it’s not may favorite look on Jennifer Lawrence ( maybe I would love it more if it was in a different color), but it is Oscar worthy and it did look great on the stage.


(pic source)

Jessica Chastain was by far my favorite head-to-toe look of the evening. The Armani Prive gown she chose was made for her. It looked so lovely against her hair color. She looked amazing last night!


(pic source)

This was a risky dress, but it is flawless on Naomi Watts. She looks so sophisticated and modern in this Armani Prive gown. Well, done!

What did you all think of the red carpet? What were your favorite looks?


2 thoughts on “My Oscar Recap

  1. I am glad you mentioned it, I was also SUPER disappointed with the Bond retrospective and also thought that they were going to assemble all the Bonds on one stage. Pretty sure I heard that from Seth McFarlane in a pre-Oscar interview so I’m not sure what happened to that plan, but the whole time I was waiting for it to happen and then they went to commercial and I was like “will they finish it after the break?”. It was REALLY a waste of time without actually having them there.

    I liked Seth McFarlane as host, thought he show-cased his broad-range of talents and was pleased that he really didn’t do any impressions/impersonations,as that is his schtick, so as to really let others, who may be less familiar with him, see how talented he is. I have to say that when he made the joke about Amy and Tina hosting I was filled with gleeful hope that this would be a reality for future Oscars b/c they were SOOOOO good on the Globes 🙂 The song at the end was VERY funny. The line about J Lawrence “isn’t she a-dorable” (to rhyme with Helen Hunt) had me laughing. I thought it was nice to actually use those last few minutes to entertain the viewers as opposed to just showing us the celebrities emptying their seats 🙂

    J Lawrence, whose red carpet style I have LOVED, did not knock my socks off last night and I too think the color had something to do with it, think I would have liked her in a rich color, maybe a jewel tone (well done J Garner on your choice btw). But, I did LOVE the necklace that went down her back, thought that was gorgeous and sexy, just kind of memorable. She looked beautiful on the whole but didn’t wow me.

    Halle Berry, on the other hand, just killed it with that dress and it was a nice departure from the string of sheer/semi-sheer/ strategically placed appliques gowns we have been seeing her in FOREVER.

    • Good call on Halle. I hope next time she does something different with the hair. I am still bitter over the Bond reunion that did not happen. Also, did you see the dress that Anne H would have worn, had she not changed her mind. SOOOO much better than the dress she wore. Did you see fashion police? I also feel sad that we are all talking about the dress and not that she won.

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