The Easiest Pizza Crust

A few years ago we found a great pizza crust recipe, through my older son’s Tessy and Tab’s monthly readers. My husband and older son made it together the first time. It turned out to be easy and delicious. Since that fateful day, my husband has been designated pizza maker of the home.



Over the years he has experimented with this recipe and has created even yummier crusts. You can’t go wrong with this basic crust and you can make it as healthy as you want. We trade-off with wheat flour some times. Just depending how we feel. Click on the link below for the recipe.


The recipe calls for cutting the dough up into 4 parts, but we just do 2 parts. That makes 2 14 inch pizza’s. Sometimes he doubles the recipe so we can freeze the dough. Most recently he substituted half of the water with beer (so 3/4 of a cup) and instead of salt he added garlic salt. We normally use Trader Joe’s pizza sauce. We generally make one cheese and one pepperoni, but on some occasions like this past Friday we made a veggie pizza (we also made a cheese, since our boys won’t touch the veggie one)


What’s good about this recipe, is that your kids can help you make it. It is fun for the whole family.

Do you have a pizza recipe you turn to regularly?


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