My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

First of all let me start by saying that I had a fabulous birthday weekend! Would like to thank my hubby, my boys, my BFF and her fabulous hubby for really taking the time and making an extra effort to making me feel extra special this entire weekend! Also, thank you to all my loved ones that sent me gifts and/or birthday wishes. You all really made this girl feel like a star!

We did watched (who didn’t right?) the game on Sunday. I will be honest, I partly watched while I got other stuff done. I really did enjoy the performances of America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner. When the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir started singing I couldn’t help, but not shed many tears. I thought Jennifer Hudson sounded and looked beautiful. Alicia Keyes rendition of our National Anthem was also moving.

Here are the 3 commercials that I really enjoyed last night.

Who didn’t laugh out loud when this ad was said and done?

I couldn’t help but shed many tears while this was going on. Being an Army family and having gone through several deployments, I could relate to the images and the words. It really hit home. It was very well done.

How does this commercials not tug at your heart-strings (Especially with Landslide playing in the background)? So sweet.


What were some of your favorite commercials from last night?





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