I Love And Accept Myself And My Life Now…

I finally got to a yoga class this new year at the Hot Asana Yoga studio yesterday.  I was deep in a pose and saw this quote on a banner they had hanging up, “I love and accept myself and my life now.”  It rang true to how I feel now. Tomorrow, I start the journey of a new year ( I will be 36. Yes, I know it’s Groundhog’s day and please don’t ask me if I have seen my shadow). For the first time ever I am at total peace with my current station in life. I really couldn’t ask for more.  God has graciously blessed me with so many wonderful things.  I am in a loving and happy marriage with my best friend, my boys are growing up to be fine young men, I am happy with all the relationships (family and friends) I have in my life and most importantly I am happy with me.

We have the tendency to always be worrying about what is going on next. We always question how we can move on to bigger and better things. We are always looking forward. Don’t get me wrong; looking forward is a good thing. Wanting to be a better person or be in a better place is a good thing.  We should always try to improve ourselves and our life if we deem it necessary.  With that said, I feel that in looking forward and in trying to improve aspects of our lives we many times forget to live in the present. We don’t  enjoy our current station in life to the fullest.  So as I embark on my 37th year in this world, I am going to take time and enjoy the present and savor all the hard work that has gotten me to this moment!


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