Golden Globes Recap


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The Show

We had a blast last night on our Facebook Golden Globes viewing party. It was a good show. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should always host awards show, because they were fabulous. I really wish they would have allotted more time for them. Their opening was great. They had some great zingers in there, especially, the comment about James Cameron. It made me roar with laughter.

There were not any big train wrecks last night, I thought.  I felt a lot of the acceptance speeches came from the heart. I really did enjoy Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech. I really loved her shout out to Sally Field.

I am so happy Argo got the recognition I thought it deserved. I was happy for Ben Affleck, and his director win. Even though, he was nervous I enjoyed his acceptance speech. I thought it was very humble.

Over all I was 14/25 on my predictions. I was really surprised Lincoln didn’t win more. Do not count out Christopher Waltz for that Oscar.  That was the biggest surprise for me. I thought  Tommy Lee Jones was a going to win. With Argo and Les Miserables winning best pictures in their respective categories and Quentin Tarantino winning for best screenplay for Django in Chains. The Oscar best movie is very, very hard to predict. Neither Golden Globe best movie has an Oscar director nomination. We will see how the rest of the award season goes, to see if we can predict an Oscar winner.

What were some of your favorite moments from last night show? Did your predictions win?

The Fashion

I thought last night was a great night for fashion. There were more dresses that I liked. There really wasn’t anyone that totally looked horrid. I thought on a few people the dress didn’t match the occasion. In other cases, I found that there was only a particular element I didn’t like about the dress.

The trends I saw last night were natural flowing hair, dark bold eyes and light lip and cheeks. The color trend for dresses was a pale almost nude pink. One actress called it “ballet pink.” I feel that it was successful on some, but not on others skin complexion.  I also noticed a lot of dresses that had a sheer or lace over lay. Again, in worked in some cases, but not in others.

These are the three ladies on my best dressed list. It’s not just the dress, but also the makeup and styling is just perfection.


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Claire Danes wore this simple, but so elegant Versace red dress. Everything was so perfect the hair and makeup. I just love her simple style. She makes simple look so stunning.

anne-hathaway-golden-globes-2013-red-carpet(Pic source)

Anne Hathaway stunned in a Chanel two piece gown. I know a lot of people said it was predictable. I don’t care. If I could make predictable look like that, I would wear it ever day. The make up the styling was all perfect. She is such a classic beauty.

3a5321f58062abfc_Kerry-Washington-at-Golden-Globes.xxxlarge_1(pic source)

Kerry Washington really stood out to me in Mui Mui and Chopard jewlery. I love the color of this dress on her complexion and I loved the beading of this dress. She looked very modern.

I am very excited to watch all the fashion recap shows tonight. To see what the “experts” thought.  I am also looking forward to the SAG Awards in two weeks.

What were some of your favorite fashions from last night?


5 thoughts on “Golden Globes Recap

  1. My faves were, in this order, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Clair Danes (honorable mention goes to Jennifer Garner). But I agree, there weren’t any real train wrecks ( I wasn’t a huge fan of the floral prints on the red carpet or Giuliana Rancic’s homage to Helena Bonham Carter). I wasn’t a huge fan of Ann Hathaway’s 2 piece ensemble. I thought her hair and make-up were lovely, but felt the top of her ensemble seemed ill-fitting, made her midsection look thick (is she pregnant?). The men looked dapper (Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper). My fave speech was probably Daniel day Lewis, so humble, eloquent, and sincere.

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler knocked it out of the park! Would LOVE to see them host some more! I

    • I wasn’t a fan of the florals either. Especially Sienna Miller. She looked like she was going to a bridal shower.I didn’t like Jessica Chastain. I like the color but the thought the too of the dress was so ill fitting. I didn’t like her hair either. There are those rumors about Anne Hathaway going around. Jennifer Lawrence would have been on my top had it not been for the construction of the top of her dress ( the boob area) other than that I lover he styling and love the color and rest of the dress.

      • I really REALLY disliked Jessica chastain’s entire look. All of it. She is a beautiful woman, but I agree, dress felt ill-fitting and hair was doing nothing for her. Sienna miller looked like she was wearing something better suited for her 1 year old daughter. The top of “jlaw’s” dress didn’t bother me, when I saw her I was wowed. I know she’s done a similar color last year, so a different choice in that department would be nice for future award shows. I think she could pull off really most any color.

        I feel like there were quite a few dresses that were ALMOST there for me too. Amy Adams, for ex, she looked really lovely, I just had a hard time w the almost exact match to her skin tone. I think I would have liked another color, even if it did remain in pastel family. There are other dresses I know I felt the same way abt but can’t remember them now.

        Can we talk about Clair Dane’s post-baby body?!?! Absurd!

      • I LOVED Amy Adams dress, just didn’t like the color on her. If she had another color she would have been on my best dressed list. I also wasn’t a fan of Amanda Seyfrieds dress for that same reason.
        Claire Danes looked amazing!

  2. Absolutely love Anne Hathaway’s hair. So chic. Also love Kerry Washington’s long choppy bob and blunt bangs. I still think Kate Hudson looked like she got her head stuck in a gold chandelier {but totally still love her}. I felt like a lot of dresses were underwhelming for this event … except for Halle Berry’s sassy graphic Versace.

    And don’t you think that Julianne Hough was sending Ryan a huge, glaring message with her {basically} white wedding dress with a few gold embellishments?

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