Finding My Inner Peace in 2013

I’ve had a week to think long and hard about how I’m going to work on improving my mind and spirit better this year.  Like all moms out there, I feel that I sometimes live in constant chaos. When I do take time to sit down on the couch I feel pangs of guilt. Harried thoughts about myself rush through my mind, such as:

  • “I should be doing more.”
  • “I am not being productive enough.”
  • “I should be perfecting a new recipe.”
  • “I should be enrolling my children in some other activity.
  • “I should be planning my return to the workforce.”
  • “I should be reorganizing the linen closet or the playroom.” “I should be getting the paper work organized for something that is months away.”

There is more to this self-chastising list, as many thoughts flood my mind as I’m just trying to rest.  I have come to the realization that this constant line of thinking is not healthy. It only leads to internalized negative energy, which sometimes gets unwittingly unleashed onto my family. With that said, these are the goals that I am going to work on this year which will hopefully help in developing a better mind and spirit.

I need to snack better. What we put in our body for fuel can really effect how you feel about yourself. I feel like I started on the right path with eating better in the second half of last year. I starting using MyFitnessPal to track my eating and it really has helped with weight loss, but also seeing what I put in my mouth.  There are some days I am good about it and make good choices, but most days I don’t snack or I make a bad choice. My goal is to have 2 healthy snacks a day. One after I come back from the gym and the second one after the boys come home from school. I am also going to work on making sure the boys are eating better afternoon snacks as well.

I am going to continue to work out 6 days a week. Physical fitness contributes a lot to my inner peace. I feel like last year I reached a milestone in realizing how much working out and being physical fit contributes to my happiness and over all wellness. It has really become part of my routine. This past holiday season, I worked out all but three days of our 14 day vacation. That was a first for me to actually workout when I was away from my gym. This year, I am going to resume Crossfit  training (I tapered off after the Tough Mudder). I am going to run more. I am going to try to run 6-8 miles a week. Slowly, moving up how many miles I run at once. I can run 3 miles at once right now, by March I want to be running 5 miles.  To keep myself in check with my fitness goals. I am going to run a race in March, one in late spring/summer and then the Tough Mudder in fall.

I am going to start-up yoga again once a week.  I am going to go to with the intent to better my mind and spirit not my body. I am also going to give the meditation class a try. I really need to learn the practice of shutting off my mind.  With that said. I am going to take time out of each day with my boys and just sit and be. We will work on breathing or just sitting still with our eyes closed.  We will begin at a few minutes, but by the end of the year I want to have worked up to 10 minutes.

I am going wake up on time (not after 3 snoozes) on school days. This way I can eat a good breakfast (not skip it or just shove a banana in my mouth) and start the day calmly, not in a crazy rush. Our weekday afternoons, except for Friday’s are really hectic. My oldest has activities twice a week and my youngest has them four days a week. With helping with homework and cooking dinner, I sometimes feel like I don’t get quality time with them during the week.  This is also the time when all the craziness creates a stressful environment for us. Angry mommy also comes out during this time as well. Sometimes angry mommy isn’t warranted for the situation. This leads me to my next goal: I am not going to sweat the small things with the boys. I am only going to raise my voice when the situation warrants it.  They need to see their mom smile more during the week :).

To help with the spirit aspect of my goals, I am going to make a better effort in going to church regularly as a family.  Both boys are in Sunday school and my husband and I started attending an adult religion class as well.  We really enjoy it.  Going to church as a family is something we haven’t been doing regularly. When we have done it, it really gives me a great feeling that stays with me through out the week.

Finally, I need to mentally be nicer to myself.  Hopefully the above goals will help me with this. I need to just not think negatively about myself in any aspect.  If I need a break, it’s because I need it. It’s not because I am being lazy. If those ugly inner comments start to rear their ugly heads I need to get a pen and write down all the things I have accomplished that day. I am sure it’s more than I realize.

Overall I think I have made attainable goals that will help me become an overall better, happier person. This will not only help me, but my family as well.  What’s that old saying, “If mama isn’t happy than no one is.”  Well, this mama needs to be happier during the week so everyone else in my family can be too!  Just for the record I want to point out I am not an unhappy person, not by a long shot.  This is certainly not my intended self-portrayal. Like everyone I want to try to be the best “me” I can be and I think by doing what I stated above. I can become a better me!

What are the goals you have set for yourself this year?


5 thoughts on “Finding My Inner Peace in 2013

  1. Great goals! I like the ‘be nice to yourself’ goal. You are a super achiever and it seems you are hard on yourself when you don’t ‘do it all’. Having a break to recharge is totally necessary and deserved! And, love the healthy snack and exercise points – those two are also hugely important to me in staying calm, happy, and helping me sleep well.

    Just in the past week of paying attention to how I spend my time, I’ve realized that I have a habit of setting a ridiculously long list of things to accomplish in one weekend then become annoyed if I haven’t gotten everything done. In my 2013 goal of becoming the organized and non-procrastinating person I want to be, I’ve become more realistic about exactly how much I can accomplish in any given day. I set priority goals, rather than having 100 things I want to get done, and I still feel like I’ve gotten the important things done.

    I think you are good at this already, but I think you should also definitely take time to recognize all the amazing things you do each day or each week. Rather than letting the ugly voice take over, make a list of all of your fantastic accomplishments and have a proud moment! 🙂

      • Indeed!!

        I just read this article and it made a really great point that I also really need to consider too – “It’s not just about managing our time—it’s about managing our energy. Be brutally honest with yourself about when you’re the most productive— morning? night?—and reschedule as many things as possible to take advantage of your high energy time.” –

        With kids, that is trickier for you, because you just need to get things done regardless of the time, but this is such a smart point for the time that we are able to control! Sometimes I am so low-energy, that I need to hit the snooze 3 times like you mentioned. It just has to happen!

        I love the planner, but I haven’t touched it because I want to take a few photos so I can post about it and I don’t want to disrupt the pristine newness of it until I take the pics. 🙂 It’s still in the box! I need to snap a few iPhoto pics and move on! Then I can actually use it and enjoy it!!

      • Thanks for the article. It makes a good point. You are right with the kids it is hard to not do something. Like right now I feel really low energy, but Nick has a basketball game later. So unless I get a fever or lunch revisited me we have to do it. I was proud of myself and last night instead of watching Vanderpumps Rule I went to bed early, because I was feeling run down. I really hope I am not getting sick. I am drinking an emergen-c as I write this.

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