Holiday Reflections


Our winter break has really left me with a warmth in my heart that will hopefully carry on through 2013. I am blessed to have wonderful family and friends. My parents are honestly the best abuelos. They are really hands on. My mom devotes the entire time we are there to the boys. I can only hope to be that awesome when I become an abuelita (or “Tati” as my kids call her). My Dad(Toto) always has a standing movie date with my oldest. My oldest calls him his movie buddy. I know those are memories that are going to be very precious to him when he is older. During this holiday season, my husband lost his grandmother and my grandmother has been very sick. My husband and I reflected a lot on the memories we had of them. It made me realize that the visit like this one are the memories that our boys will remember of their abuelos. We were also able to make some special memories with my Sister-in-law’s family. Our Boxing Day feast and “Apple to Apples” game is one for the books! We got to see many of our close friends that we normally don’t see during this time. There are too many fun times to recount, but we are thankful for the time we got to spend with each and every one of them!

Thank you to everyone that send us a Holiday cards. As you can see from the picture above, it practically covered the door to our garage. It was so nice to see everyone’s beautiful faces as I walked out of the house. I leave the house with a smile because, we have so many wonderful people in our lives. Since we were gone for a big chunk of the holidays, I didn’t get many of your cards until yesterday (due to our stopped mail), I am going to leave them up a little bit longer to get more enjoyment out of them.

What holiday 2012 memories are you most fond of? I wish you all a great first weekend on 2013. Remember to renew and relax! xoxo


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