How Do You Beat The Holiday Stress?

We just had a very busy weekend, and I am smoked tired. When I get tired, for some crazy reason, I get stressed. I get the overwhelming sense that I am not going to get everything I have to accomplish done. I also get crabby and then I am not the nicest person to be around. It’s an awful domino effect. The thing that kills me is that gift-wise and decoration-wise: I AM DONE! I made an extra effort this year to get that stuff done before December so I could enjoy this time with the family.  So why I am letting the ugly stress monster bother me? I guess if I knew the answer to that question, I could rule the world, right? Since I can’t answer that question, I need to find tactics to squash the stress monster, even if it is just momentarily.

When stress starts to creep up, I first try to take a step back and breathe. Secondly, I go look at my calendar and my to-do list to assure myself that I didn’t over-schedule the following week and/or weekend. Then, if I need to, I  rearrange things on the calendar or take things off the to-do list.  Once that is settled, I make sure to make time to go to a yoga class in the immediate future ( I will be going to a restorative yoga class Monday morning).  Finally, if all that fails, I take 30 minutes to myself to do something absolutely mindless. For me that usually involves watching a DVRed episode of a Real Housewives franchise or another Bravo reality show. I do try to stay away from HGTV shows, because then the “great idea fairy” creeps in, and I’m sure you all know how that goes!

I found these helpful articles that have some good ideas on how to beat the holiday stress.

What are ways that you try to beat the holiday stress monster?

I wish you all a calm first week of December. When is doubt…just breathe! xoxo



3 thoughts on “How Do You Beat The Holiday Stress?

  1. Thanks for the post and the links! I tend to *feel* stressed in December because there is so much happening everywhere! I don’t really have an overbooked schedule, but it’s like a lot of hustle and bustle all around. Definitely eating more and really enjoying some wine at night and haven’t seen the gym in weeks! 😀 But, that is totally OK. I think worrying about overindulging or not having the perfect wrapping for presents or most amazing recipes causes extra stress and I vow not to worry about everything this year!

    Congrats on getting gifts and decor all done – that is an amazing accomplishment!!!

    You should turn on the snow on your blog. It’s so much fun for December! –>


    • I find what is most important is that you are comfortable with the choices you make! We will be up your way on the 19 until the 2nd. So I am worried about being away from my gym routine. I have made a vow to myself to do something on break if not I will beat myself about it. We should try to get together when I am up there! I know it is crazy time, so if it doesn’t fit in the schedules I will be back in the summer!

      PS: thanks for the tip on the snow!

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