How To Set A Table

I decided this year to make an extra effort to have a nice table set up for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, when it came to setting the utensils and glasses I was completely clueless. I tried to mentally visualize all the countless formal dinners and weddings I have attended, but the image wouldn’t come to me. I broke down and did a google search and found this fabulous site that explains how to set a table in an easy fuss free way. Click here to check it out.

This was my end result. I tweaked it a bit since we won’t be having soup and some of the place setting are children’s. Here are my adult setting and my younger child setting.

The water-glass you see on the left is part of the adult setting and no I will not be serving the children wine in their little wine goblets. They will be having sparkling apple cider.

I hope this helps anyone that needs a little guidance like I did. I wish you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope it is filled with good company, good food and laughter.  xoxo


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