Cilantro Lime Slow Cooked Pork

Now that the weather is getting cooler and the boys after schools activities are in full swing. I find that I use my crock pot a lot more. Usually I have the recipe’s all planned out, but the other day I just threw some stuff in the crock pot and it was pretty good.

This is what you will need:

 Pork loin (next though I will probably use a pork shoulder), 1 bottle of Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing,  2 cups of stock ( I used beef, but I think next time I will use chicken), 6 smashed garlic cloves, 1 small onion chopped in quarters, a handful of cilantro (with stems, I only used the previous 4 ingredients for flavoring), 1-2 limes, salt and pepper

Pour the stock and then place the garlic, cilantro and onion in the crock pot.

Place the seasoned (I just added salt and pepper, but you can really add whatever seasoning you think will go well. Next time I might add a little chili powder and cumin) pork in the crock pot. Pour the lime juice over it and then the dressing. I added a little water to the bottle and shook it up, so I can get all the dressing yumminess out of the bottle.  Stir it all together and season to taste.

I cooked it on low for almost 8 hours ( I was in and out most of the day). If you are going to be around the house you can cook it on high for half the time. I would check on it every now and then to gauge the time.  Once done, I shredded it with two forks. I put it in a serving dish and poured some of the juice left in the crock-pot over it. We ate it over white basmati rice, but it would make excellent tacos.

What are some of your favorite crock pot recipes? Do you have any other go to meals when you are on the go?




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