Tapering off

Tough Mudder Austin 2011

Tough Mudder Austin 2011 (Photo credit: glennharper)

The hardest thing I have been able to swallow in my training for the Tough Mudder is that I am now in the tapering phase. “What? I can’t workout hard the week before the event?” Apparently, it is ill-advised. Tapering is what you do before an athletic event (in my case the Tough Mudder) to avoid over-training. It involves a gradual reduction of one’s workout. During this time the body rests and recovers from any stress previous training has created. The length of the tapering phase varies from event to event. Obviously, an Olympic athlete is going to have a different tapering schedule than me! The end result is the same: a recovered body that can perform its best on the big day.

I just wasn’t sure about how much or little I had to do. This was the only article I could find on tapering for the Tough Mudder.  The article advises to not do any extreme training the week before. You really can’t make and significant change to your fitness level in a week.  At this point all you can really do is hurt yourself. The article also advises to take two full days off of exercise before the Tough Mudder. I recently injured my right quad so I have tapered off from continuous running for two weeks now. I also added an extra rest day in my week. This week will be a mental test for me. I need to repeat the following to myself every morning, “Marisol, working out hard at the gym will not help you it will hurt you and your team. You have prepared since May and have worked your ASS off especially hard these past 8 weeks. You are ready! Have faith in yourself and everything will be ok. Also remember you are part of a team. Your team will help you if you falter.”

With that in mind here is my plan for the week. Yesterday was my last run/walk before the day of reckoning. I will do a Restorative Yoga class today, light strength exercises on Tuesday and a Light Ashtanga class on Wednesday.  I WILL DO NOTHING on Thursday and Friday and I will enjoy it!

If you have trained for a race or obstacle challenge how did your tapering phase go? Did you find it hard to just relax?

I hope you all have a great week! xoxo


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