Trader Joe’s Cart and The Walking Dead (Spoilers)

Finally made it to Trader Joe’s yesterday. I hadn’t gone in over 4 weeks. This is what my cart looked like before check out.

I bought a lot of new items. Check back soon to the Trader Joe’s Finds page to see my reviews!


Wow! Last night episode did not disappoint! Like I mentioned before this show always leaves me with questions at the end of an episode. These were the ones I was left with last night. Maybe you all can help me.

1) How much time had passed? About 4-5 months maybe? Also, how much time has passed since the virus started spreading? About a year?

2) Are Lori and Rick on bad terms, because of her reaction to Shane’s death? Does Rick know all the things she had told Shane (last season) about taking charge and being a leader? Why is Carl mad at her?

3) In making the prison their home, did they not think of the possibility that there might be dangerous  human inmates still there?

4) Are Daryl and Carol starting a “thing”? I really don’t like the idea of that. I like them being more a mother/son relationship

5) Finally, what was the need for Rick cutting off  part of Herschel’s leg? SO the virus won’t spread?  If everyone is infected, does a bit cause immediate transformation to walker? Or does it happen only if the bite is fatal? Now I am all confused on the science of transforming to a zombie!

If you saw the show what did you think? I hope you all have a great week! xoxo


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