Walking Dead and American Horror Are Back

Two of our favorite shows (yes we have a lot of favorite shows) premiere just in time for the Halloween season.  We have been watching the Walking Dead since it debuted 2 years ago. I find it very riveting and addicting. Even if you take away the zombie apocalypse aspect, I think what really holds the show together is the textured interaction between the characters. Every character is very complex and has had their own twist and turns that creates a great story. Only a few shows leave me with such emotion after an episode is over. I can’t tell you how many times I have said the following  phrases after an episode, i.e.:”What the hell is she thinking?” Or, “Why didn’t they look in there earlier,” and “Why aren’t they watching their son.”, It’s a zombie apocalypse for god’s sake!”  Further, “Why is she still leading him on?” And my favorite, “Why are you doing that? It’s the end of times!”

I am looking forward to see where this next season will take Rick and the gang.

I was mesmerized with the terrifying tale of the first season of American Horror Story. It went places I never thought it could go. It was a very well told story with great acting. When it comes to scary movies/tv shows, you must have a well crafted story. If you don’t, it just going to be bad no matter how many terrifying images are in it.  Ryan Murphy made this work, and I am so pleased that he turned the show into an anthology. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the Asylum.  By the look of the teasers it is seriously going to be twisted and petrifying.

Are you looking forward to these shows?  Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo


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