The 5 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

Thought this was a good read before the weekend! xoxo

Dangerous Lee

Everyone knows that the American population are more conscious of their health now more than ever. The majority of the foods we eat are not healthy for us. Prepackaged foods are high in fat, sodium and calories. Americans are fighting the battle of the bulge. Obesity is at a record high in America.

A lack of exercise certainly plays a part. Leading a sedentary lifestyle adds fuel to the fire, so to speak. If we take in more calories than we need it turns to fat. Our jobs are a contributor as well. Some of us sit all day with little activity. We’re always rushing so we eat on the go. We eat foods that are convenient but not healthy.

But this is food, what about alcoholic drinks?Americans consume a lot of alcohol on a daily basis and much more on holidays. Alcohol can have devastating effects on the body…

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